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Death on a High Floor by Charles  Rosenberg
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Dec 10, 2011

really liked it
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If Death on a High Floor is any indication of author Charles Rosenberg's future efforts, Scott Turow and John Grisham should be prepared to admit one more to their club.

Yes, Death on a High Floor was that good. This book was highly addictive from page one, an absorbing and all-consuming legal thriller extraordinaire that manages to stay fresh and exuberant and avoid being just another entry in the genre. Despite the opening murder, and the "whodunit" aspect, this is - - surprisingly - - a fun book. There is definitely a mystery involved, as well as the pressure on main character Robert to find out who really killed the much disliked Simon in order to save his own skin, but the ride to the conclusion proves to be an enjoyable one.

I liked Robert as the slightly intrepid (at least when it comes to matters where he is the client) sleuth, not always so deftly attempting to clear his own name while tracking down an actual killer. He isn't your garden variety hero, a serious and sixty-ish attorney, but he works. And he works well with the younger and sassier senior associate Jenna, who wants to see justice done as much as she'd like a partnership.

The chemistry between Robert and Jenna was entertaining and, oftentimes, amusing. Theirs wasn't a romantic chemistry but the sort that produces the type of banter found between siblings. I must say that it was a refreshing change to not have a love interest/romance side story to plump up the plot or push the story along.

Not that it would have been needed here. The story moved along at a generous and steady pace, with little drag time. While at first glance the book can seem a bit thick and even overwhelming for the less eager reader, Death on a High Floor will move at such a pace and so captivate you that you will reach the conclusion before you know it, grateful and happy to know the resolution and ending but sad that the story has ended.

This is author Charles Rosenberg's debut fiction work (he has written nonfiction works previously) and he comes out of the gate a winner. Being an attorney himself, he has written what he knows and his expertise allowed him to fluently describe the inner workings of a high powered and prestigious law firm - - the "high floor" type of firm, as described in the title - - as well as the mechanics of the courtroom and trial preparation. Those scenes were realistic and I especially appreciated seeing the courtroom from Robert's point of view as a defendant, rather than attorney, but with an attorney's mentality and vision.

Mr. Rosenberg's greatest strength, in my opinion, is his dialogue. Always crisp, sharp and engaging, not only do the exchanges bring the already brilliant characters to supreme fruition but they make Death on a High Floor nearly impossible to put down. It's well written, entertaining and includes a nice subplot on rare coins and coin collecting.

If you enjoy legal mysteries and thrillers, I would not hesitate to recommend Death on a High Floor. With the holidays fast approaching, it makes not only a nice gift but a perfect airplane/vacation read - - although in substance, it is much more than that.

Job well done, Mr. Rosenberg. I anxiously await your next book!

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