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Girl, Stolen by April Henry
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Dec 10, 11

Read in December, 2011

Oh jeez, where do I begin? I initially picked up this book due to the shocking similarity between the main character and I's names. It's quite rare to find a fictional character I share my first name with, let alone have a similar last name. I wasn't too gung-ho about the plot, but I felt a strong urge to find out whether or not I felt Cheyenne was "worthy" of sharing a name with.

Then everything took a turn. I was hooked before the end of the first chapter. Somehow, April Henry manages to write with so much depth and clarity about Cheyenne's surroundings that I kept forgetting she was blind. Cheyenne is smart, honest, and resourceful, everything I like in a heroine. Her backstory didn't seem cheesy or cliché at all. It was sad, but she didn't dwell on it and whine the entire book like some YA novel girls do.

And oh, Griffin. Griffin, Griffin, Griffin. He was so broken and misunderstood I couldn't help but fall in love with him. What girl can resist an adorable, protective, accidental kidnapper? Not me. I loved seeing how he slowly began to fall for Cheyenne as the story progressed, taking care of her and making sure her pneumonia was under control.

Cheyenne, however, didn't seem to view him as anything more than a friend or an older brother. Somehow, I was okay with that. I've read a book with a somewhat similar plot to this before (except the kidnapping was premeditated by a stalker) where the heroine spent 2/3 of the book hating her captor and trying to escape and then out of the blue suddenly returned his feelings. Then when she was finally rescued, she was torn between testifying that he was innocent and telling the truth. She ended up doing the latter, which resulted in her never hearing from him again. I much prefer the ending to this book, which is open-ended and hopeful.

In all, I really enjoyed this book!
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message 1: by April (new)

April Henry Hey, almost name-twin to my fictional character. I actually have heard from a real-live Cheyenne Wilder who lives in upstate New York. It's almost impossible to pick a name that doesn't belong to somebody. Even April Henry, which at one point I thought was kind of unique, turns out to belong to dozens of people.

I'm glad you liked my fictional Cheyenne and Griffin. And I know what other book you are talking about - I freaked out when I saw a brief description of it and the title. It came out a few months before Girl, Stolen and I was worried it would look like my book was just a copy (but they are actually really different, as you know).


Cheyenne Wildt Thanks for replying to my review! :)

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