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Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck
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I bet I only have to say ONE thing to justify the 1 star I gave this. I would have given it zero but sadly, Goodreads hates my evil brains.
The girl (main character) wakes up every morning/every time after showering and decides on WHAT COLOUR HAIR RIBBON TO TIE ON THE END OF HER BRAID.
Seriously, it's like a direct reflection of her personality. I can just memorize the different colours she tied on throughout the book - Blue. Red. Green. Red. Green to match my shirt. Red to match my pants. Green to match those eyes. Red to match my bra(kidding, but it could have been). What kind of teenager in modern society still ties their hair with ribbons all the time?

Go ahead. I dare you to do a ctrl-F on the ebook, type in 'ribbon' and hit search. You shall find many wonders in the name of hair ribbons. Ugh, it is so damned shallow.
Enough said.

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