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Secrets of the Mummies by Shelley Tanaka
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Dec 09, 2011

1. Informational

2. The Secrets of the Mummies tells all about how mummies are made, where the name came from, and a little bit about several famous mummies. It focuses mainly on Egyptian mummies and their participation in history and how we can learn about ancient people from them.

3. The best thing about this book is the use of illustrations and "asides". This little "asides" or areas of the page marked by being a different color and with a border are some of the most fascinating pages in the book. While the main part of the book is giving you information on one of the most famous mummies: that of Ramses II (Ramses The Great), the "aside" is telling you that Ramses's profile is still intact because someone shoved a small bone up his nose to keep it from collapsing and there is a picture of the x-ray (pg. 18). This is nice because it is kind of an application of what you just read, or a "how did they do that?" section. The flow of the text isn't disturbed and the interesting factoids are highlighted and accompanied by plenty of pictures that would otherwise not be applicable to the story. This colored demarkation is also used to tell stories of the real people who lived and are now mummies so that not only do you understand that Ramses II is an important mummy, you understand why. You understand why King Tut's death is such a mystery, you learn more about Nakht, not just that he's a weaver, but about his life and his family. It is like a book version of pop-up video, only more informative.

4. This is a great book to help students learn about mummification, as the book goes through the whole process. It is also a great book to use when teaching about ancient egypt. The egyptian culture was heavily influenced by the afterlife so learning about their death rituals and why they did what they did is a great way to learn about who they were.
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