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Touch by Jus Accardo
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Mar 19, 2012

it was amazing
Read from March 17 to 18, 2012

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I'll be honest with you. The only reason I picked up this book was because of the hottie on the cover.
I mean look at his smoldering gaze. *Happy sigh
Anyways, I've heard some pretty fantastic things about Jus Accardo's debut novel, and I was impatient to dive into it when I finally got it.

Touch begins with Dez, our protagonist, literally running into a strange and panicked boy, Kale. After helping him from some odd men, she decides to take Kale back to her house just to piss off her dad. Turns out, her dad knows a lot more about this strange boy and his work isn't what Dez thinks it is.
Dez was a wonderful protagonist. Head-strong, daring and pretty much kick-ass. I loved her character! She lived to piss off her dad, but I think all she wanted was some attention from him. She was one those brave characters who wasn't afraid to stand up for herself and for the people she cared.
I loved how she was willing to risk so much to help Kale out. I loved that although she had this rebellious streak, she also had a caring and loving side to her. I really felt for her throughout this book. The things that her loved ones do to her are pretty unbearable and I don't think I would have been able to handle things as well as she did. Overall, Dez is a character that I easily connected with. She had flaws, but I loved her for who she was.

Kale. I could go on and on about his character. He is such a great character. Kale has lived a very sheltered life and he knows basically nothing about the outside world. Social norms, acceptable behavior in society, teenage lifestyle were pretty much foreign to him. Seeing him wade through the outside world was such a delight! Some of the things that he did and blurted our were so hilarious, yet he didn't know it. His innocence, sweetness and caring personality gripped me and I found myself really loving this wonderful character. He was really adorable.

The romance in Touch was probably my favorite part in the entire book. Dez and Kale made such a cute couple. True, they were very different from each other, but I think that's what made them perfect for each other. As Dez teaches Kale about the outside world and she constantly helps her, Kale cannot help but fall in love with her. My favorite aspect their relationship has to be Dez helping Kale from all the memories of his past that tortured him. They truly deserved each other. They shared some pretty intense chemistry and some scenes were very hot. There were a lot of kissing scenes and each of them was sweet!

Touch has some pretty intense action scenes. The whole book itself is action-packed from beginning to end. Dez and Kale faced so many hurdles and they had to overcome numerous obstacles throughout the story which made it very exciting. There were so many unexpected twists and turns that were so shocking that some actually had me gasping. I thoroughly enjoyed the plot line because of its fast pace and incredible world-building. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop. The book was that good.

There is no doubt that Jus Accardo is one talented writer. Her writing style is not only addictive, but also compelling. She has created a unique world that is captivating and fascinating. I absolutely enjoyed this debut novel from her and it's pretty clear that she'll become well-known in the YA world.

With it's gorgeous cover, unexpected twists and turns, solid enjoyable characters and enthralling world, Jus Accardo has won me and I look forward to reading a lot more from her! I wish Toxic, the second book, would come out already. Unfortunately for me, I have to wait until September.


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