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The Charade by Mackenzie McKade
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Jan 08, 2016

it was ok
bookshelves: so-bad-it-s-funny, reviewed, will-not-continue-series, sci-fi-romance, erotic-romance
Read from April 14 to 16, 2012

When you find yourself laughing at a BDSM book, you know something's wrong.

This book had one of the most ridiculous plots I've ever read. I almost rated it 1-star but I laughed out loud so much, that I figured it deserved an extra star for the entertainment value.

**Some spoilers**

The plot of this book goes like this: there's an Insane Evil Guy who’s very angry at 4 people and wants to “make them pay.” Two of them are his business partners who he discovered were stealing from him, the third is a guy who stopped him from getting a woman he wanted and the fourth is a different woman who spurned his advances. Any rational being would think all these "wrongs" deserve different grades of punishments but not for nothing, Insane Evil Guy is well, insane so he decides on an elaborate plot in which he kills the two business partners and frames the other two for the murders. This MUST work, of course! What could go wrong? *insert maniacal laughter here.*

He sends an evil minion to kill business partner #1 and frames the spurning woman (this is the heroine, Ciarra) for the murder. Part of the plan is to let Ciarra escape so she conveniently ends in the most exclusive pleasure planet (in case you didn't realize, this is sci-fi erotica), impersonating a woman whose most ardent desired is to be dominated to the gills (she even signed a contract beforehand specifying everything she wanted to be done.) Ciarra, who is dumb as a tack, is convinced she killed the guy even though she doesn’t remember anything and doesn't suspect how she was able to escape so easily.

She arrives at the pleasure planet and meets Framee #2 a.k.a Zen Dom (this is the second guy Insane Evil Guy wanted to frame), who immediately sets her heart pitter patter and not surprisingly, he feels the same insta-lust. What follows is a series of sexual acts more distasteful than erotic because they were based on the humiliation of a woman who wasn’t that willing (the business of the contract was iffy at best and there was never even mention of a safe word.) Whilst in the business of domination, Zen Dom spouts some nuggets of sexual wisdom:

Sexual fantasies are gateways to greater enlightenment, self-actualization and fulfillment.

You’ll never experience anything so blissful than spiritual exploration and fulfillment through erotic surrender.

Now you see why I couldn’t stop laughing and I won't even tell you of the vampires (yes! Vampires in outer space!), the ‘nourishing wand’ for punishments and rewards (you don’t want to know the details), the very unprofessional behavior of her defense lawyer or the talking car with the personality of a cowboy (the heroine’s only friend! *sob*)

I usually like Mackenzie McKade’s books but this was definitely not one of her best (understatement of the year.) So please, don’t pick up this book unless you want it for the unintentional humor.
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message 1: by Diana (new)

Diana I love your review. It tells me all I need to know. Thanks for the laughs :-)

D.G. Diana wrote: "I love your review. It tells me all I need to know. Thanks for the laughs :-)"

LOL, you're welcome! Now that I re-read the review, I can't believe an author would write something so ridiculous!

message 3: by Sandra (new)

Sandra Amazing!

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