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Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
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Feb 17, 12

really liked it
Read from February 16 to 17, 2012

Raised by Wolves is the first Book in the series by Jennifer Lynne Barnes about Bryn, a human living with a pack of werewolves.

At the age of four Bryn's parents were murdered by a Rabid  werewolf (a wolf with no pack) luckily Bryn was saved by Callum and his pack. The pack adopted Bryn like one of their own and let her live with another human, her adoptive mother Ali, who married into the pack.

Bryn keeps having nightmares about the Rabid who attacked her, but she knows that Callum had killed him. Then she finds Chase. He was locked away in Callums basement in a cage. He told Bryn something that played in her mind for a long time. "I was bit". Bryn is furious. No one told her that humans could be changed into werewolves. Finally she can't take it anymore and gets permissions from Callum to see Chase. One thing leads to another and they discover that the Rabid who bit Case is the same one who attacked Bryn, which means that Callum and the pack have been lying to her the whole time that she's lived with them.

Bryn vows to kill the Rabid. Her, Chase and Bryns two best friends Devon and Lake track the Rabid and find out what he has been up to. Stealing children and turning them. The Rabid who is named Wilson found the secret to changing humans. The must be resilient and have the need to survive over anything else. Bryn uses her ability to change pack bonds and frees the children from Wilson's bond. The children realize that he is bad news and kill him for what he has done to them. The newly alpha free pack decide that Bryn should be their new alpha. 

Callum and Bryn end up friends again in the end, but Callums physic power leads Bryn to believe that one day she will be challenged for the pack. 

I liked this book. It's different because it's about a human living with werewolves and never being changed into one. I'm going to start the next one right away because I want to know what is next for Bryn and her pack of misfits.

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