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Wayside School Is Falling Down by Louis Sachar
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Dec 08, 2011

really liked it
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1. Fantasy
2. In this wacky school, where the students in Mrs. Jewls's class must climb 30 flights of stairs to get to their classroom, all kinds of things are always happening whether its Benjamin (whose just moved here from Magadomia!) who pretends that his name is really Mark Miller so that he doesn't upset his new teacher Mrs. Jewls's, or students taking up the whole lesson talking about socks, or Dana whose not quite sure whether or not she likes humans or not, even though she is one! These silly stories will tickle your elementary students to the core!
3. Critique
a. The wackiness of these stories is appropriate for young readers. Their silliness is perfect for grabbing young attention spans and are written so that they are mini stories within a larger one.
b. The stories are about school related events with something silly thrown in the mix which is really why the reader keeps reading and why they picked up this book in the first place. There is a broad range of characters for readers to read about and with no real plot or suspense, the reader is left to choose the character and story they relate to most or like most. And there are lots to chose from!
c. "...It's what's underneath that counts." "Underneath?" asked Stephen. "Yes," said Mrs. Jewls. "If you want to be great and important, you have to wear expensive underpants." "Oh," said Stephen.
4. I would use this book to talk about adding humor to our writing. I would ask that the students write about a regular topic, such as school, and then add wacky and silly parts to make it funny. They could write mini stories about an event that really happened and then add in parts that are make-believe in nature to make it funny.
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