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Forward the Foundation by Isaac Asimov
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Dec 08, 2011

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The life of Hari Seldon is well encrusted with legend and uncertainty, so that little hope remains of ever obtaining a biography that can be thoroughly factual. Perhaps the most puzzling aspect of his life deals with his consort, Dors Venabili. There is no information whatever concerning Dors Venabili, except for her birth on the world of Cinna, prior to her arrival at Streeling University to become a member of the history faculty. Shortly after that, she met Seldon and remained his consort for twenty-eight years. If anything, her life is more interlarded with legend than Seldon's is. There are quite unbelievable tales of her strength and speed and she was widely spoken of, or perhaps whispered of, as 'The Tiger Woman'. Still more puzzling than her coming, however, is her going, for after a certain time, we hear of her no more and there is no indication as to what happened.

The second prequel to the Foundation Trilogy starts eight years after the event of "Prelude to Foundation". Hari Sheldon is now a mathematics professor at Streeling University on Trantor, and is continuing his research into psychohistory under the protection of Eto Demerzel, the First Minister of Emperor Cleon I.
Over the next 40 years Sheldon and his colleagues find the development of psychohistory slow-going until Sheldon discovers the mental powers that will inspire him to create the Second Foundation.

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