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Dar and Gregg by Bobby Michaels
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Picture a really large chunk of a seasoned, smelly, pungent cheese that tickles and irritates the sensitive tissue inside your nostrils. There you have this book. In a double sense. Let me explain…

It starts out as a pretty fun book (apart from the peculiar dialogue). Scrawny gay guy, Dar, is placed in the Jock dorm when he arrives to University in the middle of the semester. He is roomed with BIG closeted guy, Gregg, who’s an athlete on the wrestling team and has an affinity for not wearing any clothes inside. There is an immediate friendship forming between them, as well as some heavy UST. This is all fun and normal, then it becomes a little bit edgy when it is paired with an unusual fetish…Dar really likes the smell of man…especially the kind that gathers in really ripe, well-worn, dirty jockstraps. Yeah…it’s a smell fetish. It’s a bit…eh…interesting, and I dare say not for someone with a sensitive stomach (especially not the eating smegma part), but it’s all great fun and really distinguishes the novel from the others similar to it out there…but then, unfortunately, comes the cheese…

The UST is resolved and everything immediately becomes hunky dory between Dar and Gregg. They have known each other for less than 6 months but proclaim their eternal love and say that they’d get married if it were legal. Then Dar makes the rudest most insane “coming out” phone call ever to his parents where he basically says “I’m gay, fuck you if you don’t like it. I have a boyfriend, who’s like a husband to me, and if I can’t bring him home for Christmas then I don’t need you in my life. Bye.” Right. Now I’m not saying that coming out is something anyone has to do, or that there’s any “right” way to do it…but let’s just say that was one of the worst possible ways imaginable to do it. Dar’s dad comes to talk to him and sprouts off ignorant-homophobic-comments-101 so that Dar and Gregg can properly educate him in gay-political-correctness-101. The novel becomes INSANELY preachy and full of itself. I’d imagine that most people who read this book aren’t all that homophobic so I see no reason for the high horse and the soap box. Then it promptly turns into gay utopia where everything goes the main characters’ way and they get to preach the wonderfulness of their love to everyone around them. Right. They still haven’t known each other for more than a few months.

The everything-is-so-wonderful is mixed with some more smelling fetish indulgence and then the book ends with a setup for the sequel…and I sigh in relief that the book is finally over, because the stinky stuff I can deal with…but the excessive amount of bad cheese turned my stomach inside out!
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