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A World Without Heroes by Brandon Mull
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Dec 08, 11

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Read in December, 2011

What did I think? I think I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I enjoyed it more than I enjoyed Fablehaven. I liked a few things about this book. For example, Brandon Mull must have quite the imagination to invent all the conflicts and resolutions that he did in this story. Giant fighting frogs and such. What this book lacked for me was emotion. I don't think that's the author's fault--it's my fault because I don't like fantasy fiction. I cannot let myself get emotionally involved with the characters because I know they're not real. I have always been such a realist. When I read Historical Fiction, I KNOW that real live human beings experienced the things the author is writing about. Therefore, I laugh and cry with them. Because I am a real live human being, I can make that emotional connection. Historical fiction makes me feel like I'm learning and that by investing my time, I have become a better person. I can be stunned that real people survived a real Dust Bowl. All this make believe and magic makes me feel, at times, that I am wasting my time--that I'm not learning enough. That's why my favorite part of Brandon Mull's book is the craft of writing itself. I saw the book as a series of chapters linking together a problem then solution, a new problem with a new solution, another problem, another solution and so on. It's just one long string of pearls that doesn't involve me. I am an outsider looking in. Again, I'm not criticizing Brandon Mull, I'm just saying that my heart has never fallen for fantasy. I can read it and enjoy it (Harry Potter, Narnia), but I never LOVE it where I crave it. I read out of a sense of duty. So now you know more about me, rather than the book. I AM very interested to hear Brandon Mull speak a week from today. Have I mentioned I took him and his family on a cave tour? I'm excited to hear a real live human being talk about writing! I like all the real stuff!

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