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A Darkness Forged in Fire by Chris  Evans
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Dec 08, 2011

really liked it
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I haven't finished this book but so far I think its great. It's basically d&d like stuff except every body has advanced and they are now at the revolutionary war time period, with muskets and other like things.

Summery-It starts out from the point of view of a squirrel, who you find out is actually a elf using magic to look like a squirrel. The elf climbs up a mountain to a evil forest where the trees are evil. They are black and they can move their braches a lot, as you find out when the elf runs through the forest with the entire forest trying to kill him. When he gets to the middle he sees a twisted Silver Wolf Oak. There is also a evil elf that every body refers to as the Shadow Monarch. She controls the evil trees and the Silver Wolf Oak is her ryk faur. All elves bound with a Wolf Oak very closely. She bound with her tree and then it started to die and the elves wouldn't do anything about it. So she took the Silver Wolf Oak and brought it up to the mountain. The squirrel elf grabs one of the Wolf Oaks acorns off the ground and runn off to take it to the one who can stop her.

Summery-It then switches to a soldier who is guarding a fort when they old viceroy who was apparently killed by the leader of the Iron elves-Iron elves were elves that had been 'touched' before they were born. Their left ear tip was black so the other elves would cut it off thinking that if they did that her darkness wouldn't spread. The Iron elves regiment worked for the empire and wasmade up entirely out of Iron elves. Normal elves can't stand thins with metal in them, Iron elves can, hence the name.- because the viceroy was working for the shadow monarch. The Iron elves were sent to some far away land where they were forced to preform some very non important task. The leader was court marshaled and kicked out. As the soldier thinks this the old viceroy climbs up out of the ground and kills him. It then switches again to Konowa who was the leader of the Iron elves. He is in a forest where he lives-even though he repeatedly points out a lot that he hates forests and all things nature, much unlike other elves.-when he runs into some rakkes. By the sound of it they are like really big bears that walk on two legs. As it turns out rakkes are supposed to be extinct. Konowa kills them with the help of his giant cat that they never name. He calls it Jir but thats as close as it gets.

Summery-After killing three of them, the third one ran off. He finds an elf lying on her face. Turns out she was captured by them but he was originally looking for him. She has a letter saying that he has been restored to his previous military ranking and is ordered to return. Konowa and Visyna head to the nearest fort area where there are other soldiers. Meanwhile the new Viceroy is also working for the shadow monarch and is making sure that the empire doesn't send any troops up to Luuguth Jur because thats where a special star landed and apparently fallen stars have a huge amount of power. Konowa meets his old friend the Duke who is in charge of a large branch of the military. Konowa finds out that they are reassembling the Iron elves. He also meets with his dad who was the one that took the Silver Wolf Oak acorn in the beginning. He gives the seed to Konowa, even though Konowa seems to know kinda what he's suposed to do with it it never says.

Summery-Konowa is moved to a different military base where he learns that the Prince of the empire is going to be in charge and Konowa is going to be second in command. In Konowa's words, he's coaching the prince through this 'war' so that the prince gets some

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