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Deerskin by Robin McKinley
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Dec 07, 2011

liked it
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One of the reasons I enjoyed this read was that the main heroine Lissar had as her sidekick her dog named "Ash", a fleet hound( meaning she hunted by sightnot by smell) was always by her side. Ash was her faithful companion through good and bad events. Lissar was born to a royal couple and her mother was the "most beautiful woman in all the seven kingdoms". Her mother was so beautiful that the king was so infatuated with his beautiful queen that he barely noticed his own child. As a matter of fact the entire kingdom was besotted with the queen's beauty and barely noticed anything else. The poor young child Lisar was nutrued by her nanny and brought up almost exclusively by this old lady (who couldn't read very well) but she told good stories to her young charge. Without giving too much away the queen dies and the King is almost destroyed and walks around his castle like a zombie. One day he notices he daughter is growing up and resembles his deceased wife very much. He begins to come alive again and desires to marry his young daughter. She is forced to flee after one night her father forces himsef into her small room. So she leaves hurriedly during dawn hours and takes her injured dog with her. She leave with fear, shock and her destroyed maidenhead in the dawn hours. She traverses many miles to escape her father's kingdom. She manages to escape to some mountain but this mystical lady helps her and gives her this Deerskin like dress to wear. This outfit seems to soothe her and keep her calm. by the way this Deerskin dress never becomes soiled or dirty (like a mystical objetct). So Lissar & Ash are on their way to adventure and daily survival.

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