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To Sir Phillip, With Love by Julia Quinn
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Jan 05, 12

really liked it
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Read from December 07 to 08, 2011

Review posted: Happily Ever After - Reads

This Bridgerton book took on a slightly darker tone then all the others. Phillip’s wife commits suicide leaving him alone with their twins. His wife was never happy, never a real mother to their children and they were never in love. He tried his hardest to make her happy and nothing worked. He felt like a failure to her, his kids and his past keeps him from being an involved father that his kids need. He was abused by his father, beat, whipped, he suffered all forms of abuse and Phillip does what he thinks is best, he distances himself from his kids so he doesn’t repeat the abuse that was brought down on him. But his kids are little monsters. Running wild like 8 year olds would. Oliver and Amanda need a mother and Phillip needs a wife.

Eloise sent a simple note of condolence to Phillip when her distant cousin, Phillip’s wife, died. One small note turned into a year of correspondence between the two and when Phillip invites Eloise to his home to see if they would suit, she puts him off. But being a spinster and seeing her best friend Penelope, also a spinster, marry her brother Colin, she felt left behind and alone. She throws caution to the wind and takes off for Phillip’s home, not telling her family.

They start off pretty rocky. Phillip, a botanist, is used to leaving his twins to their teacher and retreating for the entire day to his greenhouse. He’s a large man, a bit imposing, but he just sees himself as a failure when it comes to his kids. A personal failure that he can’t be the dad they need him to be, even when all the kids really want is for him to just be there. Eloise comes into their home and brings her smile, her laughter and her constant chatter.

She couldn’t see him, but she could feel him pause. “Has anyone ever told you you can be a bit stubborn?”

“All the time. It’s my only flaw.”

She heard his smile in the tenor of his breath. “The only one, eh?”

“The only one worth commenting upon.”

She’s not sure if they’re meant to marry, Phillip has a hard time expressing himself and words don’t come easy to him, but they don’t have a choice in the marriage matter when the four Bridgerton men come barreling into Phillip’s home.

I love the Bridgerton men. Love! They come for their sister and once the beatings and threats die down, Anthony basically says, marriage. You can choose to be wed in one week. Or two. Phillip finds himself bonding, of sorts, with her brothers and one of the best scenes in the book was when they went shooting. The men wanted to hurry and have a round of competitive shooting, but only if they did it before Eloise found out. She of course comes running outside and turns out to be a “freak” shot: point, shoot, bulls-eye. It turns into small bonding moment for Eloise and Phillip, but it’s the start for them as they start to find some common ground to build from.

“I wanted to see you,” he whispered. He touched her cheek, then smoothed his thumb down the line of her jaw. “You’re always in motion. I don’t get to just see you.”

Her legs turned wobbly, and her lips parted, but she couldn’t seem to make them work, couldn’t seem to do anything other than stare up into his dark eyes.

“You’re so beautiful,” he murmured. “Do you know what I thought when I saw you the first time?”

She shook her head, desperate for his words.

“I thought I could drown in your eyes. I though” – he moved in closer, his words now as much breath as sound – “I could drown in you.”

Phillip initially wants to marry so his kids will have a mother and he’ll have a wife. Love isn’t instant between these two and it grows the longer Eloise is there and the more Phillip lets her in. It’s a sweet story and my favorite parts were when Phillip trusted himself as a father and acted like one with little Amanda and Oliver. I loved seeing the whole family together, and it was more than just a love story between Phillip and Eloise. This was a new family coming together, and it was a very nice read.

Truthfully, this might be my least favorite of the first 5 books, but even saying that, it’s still a book that is easy to get lost in, and easy to care for all the characters. There isn’t a lot of the Bridgertons in this one, as it takes place in the country. No balls, or parties, and while I did miss all the Bridgerton family interaction we get in the earlier books, it’s a nice change of pace. Francesca is up next and she really feels like the forgotten Bridgerton. That fact alone makes me curious and interested in getting to know her.
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