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When Copper Suns Fall by KaSonndra Leigh
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Dec 07, 2011

it was amazing
Read in December, 2011

This book was a sneaky surprise for me. Meaning I went into it with skeptical eyes, but came out with an entirely different perspective. I even joined this site so I could gush over this stunning piece of fiction.

I bought this book off of Amazon. I'll admit that I bought it mainly because of the cover. It's pretty, the trailer is neat. But I didn't know how the writing would stack up. Most times, that's where these books by small presses fall short. Either that, or the editing. Not so in this case! At first, I was a bit overwhelmed by some of the world building. But this is a dystopian novel, and I've come to expect to be a little overwhelmed with those. Soon Leigh dives into the storyline and never lets me go.

Action. If you love it, there's plenty here in these pages. There is a war going on between humans, descendants of angels, and fallen angels. Magic has been outlawed. Kids that have genes enhanced by radiation are grouped into five classes. Others have special abilities that could get them killed. There's a new government in this futuristic world.

Romance. At first, I thought this would be another teenage romance between girl who can't have broody guy who obsesses over a TSTL main character. Once again, not so in this case. What makes this young adult book so unique when compared to others is that even though the main character, Chela, has a Protector in the dashingly handsome Faris, she doesn't depend on him at all times. In fact, Chela saves Faris a few times. A very welcome change from the distressed damsel syndrome we read about these days.

Overall, this was a surprisingly good read with a plot twist at the end I never saw coming. The premise of angels in a dystopian society is highly unique. The writing was almost flawless. I'm looking foward to reading Leigh's sequels in this series. And ready to pay good money for her next installment. 5 stars because I'd recommend this to anyone.
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