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Seeing Redd by Frank Beddor
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Dec 10, 11

really liked it
Read from December 07 to 10, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Everything happened so fast in this book, but in a good way. There really weren't very many dull moments. And I really like how the whole thing was a set up for book three. Not that it left you hanging really, but I can see that the big epic battle is coming in the third book and I'm excited to read it since there was already a semi-epic battle in this second book.

Alright, so Homburg Molly. I felt terrible with the way she was used by Arch and the Diamonds to infiltrate the Wonderland looking glasses. And her self-doubting reaction was very well written. I could empathize with her. Also, I so didn't see it coming that Hatter was her father. Weaver was an interesting character but I wondered how Arch had made her believe that he was nice and all that. And in the end, it was really sad for Hatter and Molly to lose her again.

Arch is an evil misogynistic bastard. Ohmigod. I was so happy when Redd put him in his place and was surprised by the history the two had together. But in the end of the book when Redd lost her powers and Arch was already scheming again, I just know that he'll be all villainy again in the third book.

Alyss using WILMA (Arch's creation) against Redd was a stroke of genius, even if it did leave Wonderland without any imaginative powers. It really was her only course of action after Redd succeeded in her own looking glass maze and became even more powerful. Her and Dodge are still so cute together. I love that they're both trying to be together despite the fact that Dodge isn't royalty. But I also know that Dodge's need for revenge on The Cat is still going to pose a problem for them and possibly for Wonderland.

Redd and The Cat. I love that she warped some painter's mind and came alive through one of his paintings. So cool. And I also thought it was cool how she was constantly a blurred image of herself since that's how the painter saw her and painted her. Her living in our world and amassing an army of her own was very cool. She is so deliciously evil.

The big battle at the end between Redd and Alyss was cool. It was kind of scary though too because I really think that if Alyss had not used WILMA against Redd and Arch, Redd would have won. Alyss was just totally out-magicked and out-manned. Eeep! Poor Alyss and poor Wonderland!

Finally, after playing both sides and so many close calls with death from Redd, Jack of Diamonds got what was coming to him. I almost felt sorry for him... almost.

So for the time being they're safe until Redd gains her powers back. I don't see Arch being much of an enemy as Alyss isn't dumb and they all know what he was up to in this book. Although now that he has an imagination-less Redd, I wonder what he might do with that.

Really cool series!

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