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Sacré Noir by Chloe Rattray
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Dec 07, 11

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I got a free copy of this book through the author's blog after seeing some excerpts. It's not perfect - some of the minor characters are underutilized or forgotten halfway through, the same going for some of the main characters' interests and quirks - but it is a short, enjoyable read. Coming in at just over 200 pages, it's good for a quiet day. The plot is slow moving and sweet, following 17 year old Sebastian Sparrow and his friends through a summer as they discover things about themselves that are common to most YA fiction: friendship, love, fear of their future. It left me feeling nostalgic and a little disappointed at the abrupt ending, but overall Sacre Noir is a quaint story about adolescence that anyone can relate to.

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Quotes Louisa Liked

Chloe Rattray
“It all comes down to this: when you recognise your loneliness in another person, when you see desperation so familiar to yours written across someone else, you can’t just let them leave.”
Chloe Rattray, Sacré Noir

Chloe Rattray
“I wanted to tell him then how loneliness can become a tangible thing, after a while. It’s something that you carry with you on your shoulder, hold up like a friend with a twisted ankle. It sits with you and walks the streets with you. It’s a selfish thing and it refuses to let go or even split its attention. Of course, like a particularly annoying itch, you can convince yourself for a while that it’s not there. You can go to libraries and sit with friends and drink more coffee than your body can handle and you can feel surrounded and happy. But eventually you have to scratch it. Loneliness steals you away from the world, as if you’ve been cut loose and you’re lost, untethered, somewhere far above everyone else. Just you and this feeling that you just need someone to put a hand on your shoulder and turn you around, to look at you and tell you the three words that matter most: You’re not alone. Don’t be scared. I am here. It’s not about love or lust or any other inadequate word; it’s about being touched and realising that you are no longer by yourself.”
Chloe Rattray, Sacré Noir

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