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Force of Nature by Suzanne Brockmann
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This was a very excellent read that I finished today@5:30am. I was glued to it from start to finish. It had sizzling chemistry between Ric and Annie, and Jules and Robin. It has great supporting characters, one of my favs being Sam Starrett, another being a new player, Martell- Ric's longtime best friend. A cameo by Max B. This is the 11th book in the Troubleshooters series and I recommend you read them in order. You can read them by themselves, but, it's hard to understand the back stories if you haven't read the previous books. Dummy me, I missed a few of the books and picked up this one to read. It was a little confusing for me at the start as I didn't know where Ms. Brockmann was going with some of the characters, or where they even came from, much less, what do they have to do with the Troubleshooters series. But after about the first 50pages I was in the groove. She switched from characters seamlessly. It has action, suspense, and of course, steamy sex scenes. Warning to those who may be offended, it does has intimate scenes between gay characters Robin and Jules. Ms Brockmann did Robin & Jules very tastefully. I applaud Ms Brockmann on the way she handles their relationship, it's very tastefully done. I really enjoyed how she presents all the issues regarding same sex relationships. She shows the connection is the same, and just as intense as a hetero couple. She also deals with the bigotry that a same sex couple deals with. This is the second book I read with the Jules/Robin relationship, the last being Dark Of Night(#14 in series) in which J&R are already together. It was supporting roles.
This book really show a different side of Jules I have never seen, his kickass FBI agent side. I have always seen him as skinny, well dressed, friendly, Alyssa's partner & best friend. This book shows him leading a top FBI investigation & being groomed to take over Max's job as head of the FBI's counterterrorism unit. It showed the save the world hero that is Jules. It also shows his emotional side, how he keeps things inside and guards his heart closely. I have to admit, I love Jules' character so much more after this book. Robin, is an alpha, action hero movie star, that could be on the cover of People's sexiest man alive. The flip side of the public view of Robin, is a very fragile, lonely, alcoholic that has problems coming out of the closet due to his public persona and if he came out, it would most likely significantly impact his box office appeal. He deals with his issues with alcohol. Again, I love how Ms Brockmann portrayed this character very realistically and very accurately the issues an alcoholic with deal with and it's impact on relationships. I just love Robin. This book did that for me. Then we get to Annie & Ric. Annie just lost her best friend in the world and moved back to Sarasota Florida. She goes to work for her brother's childhood best friend. I love these type of storylines, where a guy has forever had the hots for his longtime best friend's little sister. There is that forbiddeness if it all. Ric has had the hots for Annie forever, but kept away from her as her brother Bruce told him(Ric) that Annie is a lesbian. I loved how Ms Brockmann dealt with Annie's size. Shes a normal curvy woman, not stick thin. She's more of what a normal women looks like. Annie goes to work for Ric who is an ex Sarasota cop, now a P.I. She's his "receptionist", but ends up coming along on a "simple job". His simple job ends up not being so simple and ends up linking to organized crime and Jules's case. Things get really crazy then. Love the action, love the suspense, love the chemistry and sex scenes. I just loved this book and highly recommend it to anyone who loves romantic suspense or same sex relationship storylines. I will definitely be reading more in the Troubleshooters series, this will also go on my great books to reread list! Next book in series I'm gonna read....this time I will be going backwards to Hot Target #8 in series.

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