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Insurgent by Veronica Roth
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Dec 22, 12

bookshelves: 2012, dystopian, young-adult, series
Read from December 18 to 22, 2012

This book is yet another example of the perfect marketing machine that YA books are being shot out of. The beautiful cover, picking up right where a huge cliff hanger left off, a soul mate type romance...etc, etc, etc...blah, blah, blah...

But it just didn't live up to the hype.

First of all, when you write books that only come out 1x a year, that means readers often need a refresher of information to get them back into the swing of the story. Hell, I even reread the previous Harry Potter book before the next one came out. But with all the trilogies these days NO ONE has time to do that. Therefore, authors need to be able to seamlessly weave this information into the following book. Roth just basically said screw that and jumped right it. As in Book 1 ended at the end of one sentence, and book 2 started at the beginning of the very next sentence. No info dump, no prologue of info, no character appendix at the back (cause this story has a crap load of characters), NOTHING.

So I google "Divergent Summary" and come across this blog post by the author which does outline who the characters are where they were left at the end of Divergent, but it didn't explain why I should like them, care about them, or feel anything about their life or death. Roth said she made the choice to continue the story instead of recapping book 1 which is totally different from most books, and just didn't work here. I was never given the chance to reconnect with most of the characters so when they were in trouble, pain, or even died, I just didn't care. That's just a big fat failure on the authors part. She played a bet that just didn't pay off with me.

Then there was the plot in general...what the hell was happening here?? The first 1/3 of the book is just them hiding as they regroup, the 2/3 if Tris being a total emotional idiot, and the final 3rd is EVERYONE being stupid idiots. It's like all the characters suddenly turned off their instincts. No anticipates any of the lies, the backstabbing, the RIDICULOUSLY OBVIOUS OUTCOMES. Argh!!! Every time something bad happened I was shocked that the other characters were surprised themselves and didn't see it coming!

And what the hell happened to Tris in this book? She learns grows, and adapts during the entire first book. In this one though she seems to be permanently stuck at reckless and emotionally stunted. Almost all of her decisions were followed by me saying "WTF??" Her emotional diatribe seemed to take up a majority of the book and frankly made reading a trial. Every time I picked it up I had to force myself to continue reading. Thank god Tobias/Four remained steady throughout this book. He was the only character that I still understood.

Finally, I saw the ending coming like a freaking BULLET TRAIN. (view spoiler) I already had issues during the first book that everyone was divided up through society based on a single personality trait, and that confusion continued with this book. People are not just 1 thing, and can never be that way. It's idiotic and nearsighted and the author never made me buy into it - even with the ending. The idea is that separating people by traits will lead to them rediscovering their humanity and morality?? WHAT?


All it leads to is segregation and prejudice!

And even if it could, it sure as hell wouldn't happen over the next generation. Humanity cannot turn on a dime. You can't just flip people's basic make up like a light switch.

So yeah the ending of this book did not make up for all of the angst and idiocy I had to suffer through reading.

But now what??

I have already invested in this series! Read the first 2 books and am now forced to read the read because even though I don't care about the characters I just have to know how Roth figures she will tie up this insane story. Ug.

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12/10/2012 page 1
0.0% "Since I knew there was no recap of divergent within the narrative of insurgent I went in search of a summary. Thankfully the author came to my rescue!! WARNING: SPOILERS!"
12/20/2012 page 125
23.0% "Why is she lying to him? Why doesn't she tell him about Will? Maybe it's cause I don't remember the 1st book too much, but holding back on Will's death even at her own hand seems silly."
54.0% "There has been a lot of action yet I am finding it a bit boring and I'm not even totally sure why I think that. All I know is that I am forcing myself to read this so I can get the book back to the library."
71.0% "They are a traitor?? What?? I don't buy not. I mean obviously they are a traitor but I don't buy it meaning it just doesn't fit the character and I don't understand their motivation at all. Basically it's just dumb. If you are going to have a character betray everything they need to have a believable reason."
81.0% "WTF? She trusts him? A man who is cruel, has purposely kept vital info to himself, and abuses people. And instead lies to the boy she loves and who loves her?? THAT'S SMART."
89.0% "How does she leave behind her only weapon when she is about to enter a hostile situation. IDIOT."
94.0% "Well why didn't she say any of that before?? Geeze. Tris is annoying."
94.0% "Well why didn't she say any of that before?? Geeze. Tris is annoying."

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