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The Woman Who Heard Color by Kelly Jones
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Dec 06, 2011

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A link to the author's website: I am wondering how much of this story is true and how much is fiction. I chose not to read this book because there really is very little in the book about synesthesia!

Oh, look at this: Not only Kandinsky, but also Nabokov had synestheisa. To a small extent it comes up in his memoir Speak, Memory, which I must soon read.

On the topic of synesthesia these books also look interesting:

Wednesday Is Indigo Blue: Discovering the Brain of Synesthesia


The Hidden Sense: Synesthesia In Art And Science

which friends at GR have helped me find.
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message 16: by Dawn (& Ron) (new)

Dawn (& Ron) This one sounds interesting, love art (my major and previous career), WWII and the hunt for all the treasures the Nazis looted.

message 15: by Chrissie (new) - added it

Chrissie Yes, it draws my attention too. I will be testing the sample on Kindle. And I am also curious about the medical condition. It seems to be about Kandinsky too.

message 14: by Chrissie (new) - added it

Chrissie Oh, I never look at covers....:0). there are advantages to everything. Well, I looked now. I guess it is to attract readers?

message 13: by Chrissie (new) - added it

Chrissie You follow the life of Hanna. I do not think this is an internet search type book. .

message 12: by Dawn (& Ron) (new)

Dawn (& Ron) I had the same feelings about the cover when I saw it. I would never have known what it was about from that, it actually has a romance kind of look.

Thanks for the website. It sounds like it is based on facts, so please let us know what you think of the sample.

message 11: by Chrissie (new) - added it

Chrissie Dawn, I din't even notice the cover - :0) . There are advantages to poor vision. I have asked someone who has read the book if the cover actually plays a role in the story itself. Or is it just advertising......... I will let you know if I find out anything.

message 10: by Chrissie (new) - added it

Chrissie Yeah, probably, No answer yet.

message 9: by Dawn (& Ron) (new)

Dawn (& Ron) I'm thinking eye-candy too, but it might also indicate this is a lighter read.

We've only had covers for what the last 100 years or so. People didn't even have a summary/blurb to go by, just the title and author. The publishers have certainly trained we readers well (said with a touch of sarcasm).

message 8: by Chrissie (new) - added it

Chrissie Despite the cover, the subject matter draws me to the book.

message 7: by Dawn (& Ron) (last edited Dec 09, 2011 02:41PM) (new)

Dawn (& Ron) I agree the subject sounds very intriguing, just don't see how the cover fits.

message 6: by Tara (new)

Tara Chevrestt I am drawn to the title.. the idea of hearing color.. wow. That title really grabbed me.

message 5: by Dawn (& Ron) (last edited Dec 09, 2011 02:43PM) (new)

Dawn (& Ron) Dang, Tara, you beat me to it! I was going to recommend it to you. I knew you would be drawn to that title. The cover just doesn't seem to match the title or summary.

message 4: by Lucy (new)

Lucy How could you consider posting a review for a book you chose to NOT read?!?!?!

message 3: by Chrissie (last edited Aug 03, 2013 02:36AM) (new) - added it

Chrissie On GR we are all helping each other find books that fit their personal interests. My review is not really a review of the given book, only an explanation about what I have learned about the book. This knowledge has lead me away from the book to other books instead. For people like me who were considering this book to learn more about synesthesia, it might be a poor choice.

Now that I think of it, I will in my review add links to the three books that I have found that speak more directly about synesthesia!

message 2: by Lucy (new)

Lucy O.K., now it makes sense!

message 1: by Chrissie (new) - added it

Chrissie Lucy, as I see it we all have to help each other. There is no right or wrong definition of a good book versus a bad book. We just have to fit a book with the right reader, don't you thing? I just went and downloaded Speak, Memory. Soon I will be reading it. :0)

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