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Animals in Translation by Catherine  Johnson
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Dec 06, 2011

it was amazing

The author's purpose in writing this book was to inform the reader about animals and how they think. She wants to educate people about this because it is something we still do not know much about at all.
The theme of this book was how animals and autistic people think similarly. For example, they both think in pictures and focus on details instead of seeing the big picture. As of right now her ideas have not been proven, but there is a fair amount of evidence to back it up and I believe at least most of it is probably true. The author knows more about the topic than most people since she has so much experience with animals and she is autistic herself.
The book's style was an exposition, because it was an analysis of a certain topic. It was effective because it did a very good job of informing you and it wouldn't really have worked in any other style. However, she did have a lot of stories throughout about things that happened to her or friends of hers. These related to whatever she was talking about at the moment and helped to explain it more, and made it more interesting.
Normally I do not like nonfiction, but this was an amazing book. I learned a ton and it helped me see animals in a whole different way. I especially liked how she said that people first started living with wolves about 135,000 years ago. The wolves eventually became dogs, but humans also changed. We learned to think like wolves. Wolves have complex social structures, they have friends outside of their families, and are very territorial. Generally primates don't do any of these things (besides humans). I just think it's very interesting that wolves probably made us what we are today. I wouldn't change anything except maybe the cows because she talked quite a bit about them, and I don't really like cows. This was not like any other book I have read.

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