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Something Secret This Way Comes by Sierra Dean
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Dec 06, 2011

really liked it
Recommended for: Adults
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"Something Secret This Way Comes" is a yummy little tale about a half-breed, Secret McQueen. When I say half-breed I do not mean half- human and half something else because Secret is half-vampire and half-werewolf. Apparently her werewolf mother was bitten by her newly turned vampire husband while she was pregnant with Secret. After her birth, Secret was left with her grandmere to raise.

At age 16, Secret decides she will hunt down vampires. Unfortunately, she gets a little cocky and attacks an older one, Peyton and in an effort to survive the attack breaks off one of his fangs. Apparently, vampire fangs do not grow back. That was six years ago and Peyton has vowed to seek revenge. Now 22, Secret works as a bounty hunter (mostly for the vampire council) killing creatures who operate outside of the law.

Then, something strange occurs. While sitting in a coffee shop Secret senses a man, Lucas Rain before he even arrives and when she sees him, she is instantly drawn to him. Thinking he has enthralled her with his lupine abilities, she attempts to run away. However, one of his men catches up to her before she can get away. She soons discovers that what she feels will not go away because she is soul bonded to this werewolf King. To complicate matters she must keep her vampire side a secret and she is also soul bonded to his Lieutenant, Desmond.

I realize the story line may sound convoluted; however, trust me when I say Sierra Dean knows how to tell a good story. She is a gifted writer and enthralled me with her writing style, world building and characterizations. I loved this story. So, why did I give this book only four stars rather than 5? The truth be known, I am not a huge fan of love triangles. I tolerate them in YA books but have trouble with them in adult fiction. I feel as though strong female characters should know who they want to be with. This was the only aspect of the book that bother me. Do not allow this to stop you from reading it. It was wonderfully unique.
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