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Speak Like a CEO  by Suzanne Bates
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Dec 06, 11

When you have been a public speaker for as long as I have and have spent so much time and money reading and researching educational material as much as I have, you begin to wonder with pride, arrogance and ignorance – Is there any book that can teach me something new?

Well, that is where Suzanne Bates slam your brains and your experience with masterpiece of her own.

With nuggets of information that range from her personal experience as a reporter and paid speaker, she streaks through years of experience and leaves you in absolute awe as to the number of pointers you were taught since as first set foot on the sacred hallowed ground of communication to the really finer touches that one needs to consider that transform and transcend an ordinary speaker into an extraordinary communicator.

I loved the various parts of this book - where she enumerated the importance of content, the words of wisdom one can gain only from 20 years of being paid as a speaker, the unassuming mistakes we make in front of the media, the superb 6 steps of self assessment, how to deal with quick thinking to dealing with audiences, the 98 percent solution to the crisp and candid summaries she decorated in chapter in the end.

The only downside to this book was the ‘sales-pitch’ that I felt she peppered all throughout the book – which I feel is become a very westernized concept of trainers and speakers, where they want you to know and know that you have to go only to them if you want to really know and know that they are the best for you. Honestly Suzanne, you didn’t have to convince me, simply because your book is and will be a classic for all ages.

All in all, wow – what a book.

I not only read it once – I made sure I read it three times until I soaked in every bit of what she had to share with me.

Brilliant book and a must read for all speakers, communicators and leaders.

Overall rating – 9/10.
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