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Godless by Ann Coulter
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Jun 27, 2007

did not like it

Ann Coulter is the Devil
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Michele hahahahahaah. And I'm sure we can all name more examples. Thanks for your comment and I don't dispute your citations.

The community paper (twice weekly) in Wisconsin where I live opted to syndicate Coulter's unreadable drivel for nearly two years before this relatively conservative town demanded her removal. And the paper finally complied. The complaints were primarily about her total lack of intelligent or worthwhile commentary on American life/politics. Her agenda is clear: promoting the little black dress while being the most obnoxious person in the room trying to get attention. And, to be very specific, her comments about the 9-11 widows are unforgivable. Labeling Coulter “the devil” is testament to the title of her ridiculous book.

Michele "Liberals" DO understand this: If Coulter's arguments were intelligent and didn't wander all over the place with lack of a credible thesis, she would be a welcome conservative voice in this conservative town. The overwhelming readers' complaints and the ultimate removal of her column had nothing to do with her squashed rights to say what she needed to say. On the contrary, it had everything to do with an educated community demanding that limited newspaper space be filled with more worthwhile (less divisive and useless) commentary. She was EASILY replaced.

Michele Oy.

I’m sorry, but I must respond with a vocabulary clarification:

“Divisive” (adj.): causing disagreement or hostility within a group so that it is likely to split.

“Diverse” (adj.) //coincidentally, one of my sixth-grade daughter’s vocabulary words this week// : Made up of many different elements or kinds of things.

Liberals, I believe, do indeed embrace cultural and social “diversity.” I also believe they didn’t propel Hillary Clinton to the Democratic nomination because of the “divisive” nature of her (and her husband’s) legacy.

Respected conservative columnists: George Will; Thomas Sowell.

Michele Nanette,
I'm sorry you're offended by my responses; however, I'm afraid you misunderstand again. Please reread my notes and you will discover that I, on the contrary to your original interpretation, DO refer to the Clintons as divisive. Clinton's presidency is the most divisive thing to happen to American politics in modern history.

On another note: I don't make a practice of talking down to anyone, and certainly don't mean to give you that impression. I understand typos and misinterpretation. Like Coulter, I worked as a newspaper columnist. I understand the opportunity for a multitude of intrepetations of the written word. It's what keeps it interesting.

Meanwhile, I'm hard-pressed to compare Obama and CoUlter in the same light. My question when it comes to judgment on nearly everything is in regards to MOTIVATION. What, do you believe is Coulter's motivation?

Can we be friends?

Michele Ok Nanette. Your point is taken and again I'm sorry for the way my responses made you feel. By no means did I mean to imply you were "stupid." (This would make me the equivalent of Coulter.) Nevertheless, since we ARE communicating online by typing, I had no idea whether or not your comments were based on actual misunderstandings or minor mistakes in interpretation. I will take your advice and be more sensitive in the future.

Meanwhile, I thought it was an interesting coincidence that one of my daughter's vocabulary words was "diversity." We spent a lot of time on this word, particularly during Obama's televised acceptance speech. Have you seen sixth grade vocabulary words? For the most part, they're impressive and challenging.

BTW: I don't believe removing Coulter's column from the small town paper was an act of fascism. In my opinion her essays were consistently ridiculous--hardly readable. (Additionally, there were probably 100 letters to the editor complaining of the quality of her work.) No one argued that she didn't have the right to say what she wanted to say, but the newspaper publisher responded to his customer's repeated requests for a more intelligent conservative take on the issues. It was a wise business decision.

Here's to freedom of speech!!


Michele Ann Coulter's motivation:
"I believe she hates liberals."

I believe a motivation based on hate supports my thesis that Ann Coulter is the devil.

message 7: by Félix (last edited Aug 31, 2008 10:01AM) (new)

Félix Ah, but Michele, the demonization of opponents is the primary tool of propagandists. We should avoid that trap. We don't have to call her the devil in order to express our opinion that she is just wrong about most things on which she comments. Hate is very often it's own punishment.

Michele Good point Larry.

How about this as a non-demonic review:

"I don't agree with any of Ann Coulter's opinions."

message 9: by Félix (new)

Félix Excellent!

Michele LOL. Thanks Larry.

message 11: by Félix (new)

Félix Oh Nanette. You are taking this far too seriously, I believe. Michele never said she hated anyone, that I read anyway. I'm fairly certain her review was not a serious accusation. And btw, Ann's name is spelled Coulter.

Michele Sometimes it seems there are fewer than 24 hours in a day.

Hey Larry, since Nanette clearly took her ball and went home (she started it, by the way), let me just say thanks for reading and understanding this string. You're correct, I DIDN'T say I hated Coulter (I don't) and I'm truly hard-pressed to think of one person I actually hate. I may abhor certain ACTIONS and clearly have distaste for nonsensical arguments--particularly those who believe they're based in logic; however, hating people isn't a feeling I can own.

Also, to clarify, it wasn't I who ran Coulter out of town, it was the publisher of the newspaper who responded to 100s of letters to the editor. I didn't write any of those letters . . . I just didn't read her column after the first five or so attempts to make sense of her DRIVEL. Because, as I've indicated, "I don't agree with any of Ann Coulter's opinions."

It's possible I don't agree with any her ardent fans' opinions as well. But it doesn't mean I hate them.

message 13: by Félix (new)

Félix Well said! I must admit, though, that Ms. C gets my back up easily. Something about the way she smirks as she is spewing her hate.

message 14: by Helena (new)

Helena I could not agree more.

message 15: by Helena (new)

Helena No, that is not fascism, that is protection of freedom. If you love freedom, then you are obligated to fight against people, who are trying to destroy it.
Letting Coulter talk and write isn't liberalism, it's simply stupidity.

message 16: by Mr.B (new)

Mr.B Coulter's picture above the boldfaced caption/title GODLESS says it all.

message 17: by Claire (new)

Claire Really?

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