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The Scarlet Dagger by Krystle Jones
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Jan 05, 2012

it was ok
Read on December 06, 2011

I’m kind of on the fence about The Scarlet Dagger; there were elements are the story that I enjoyed, but there were also elements that I didn’t. The book starts out strong and amazing. Jones does a remarkable job drawing you into Sloane’s world – she is quite good at world building.

With Sloane, Jones has created a strong, likeable heroine that readers are sure to enjoy. Sloane is quite unique in the fact that while she is strong willed and independent, she realizes that she isn’t invincible. Sure, she makes some questionable decisions, but she is also willing to admit when she needs help. Plus, she is cheeky as all get out.

I am still on the fence about her main love interest, Aden. We are really given any firsthand knowledge on Aden. We just have to go on what Sloane thinks and feels about him - which is a problem because she is constantly changing her mind about him and it taints the reader’s view of him.

I must admit that the first half of the book was immensely better than the second half. The first half is filled with just the right balance of action and excitement as well as description and plot. As the story progresses, so does the pacing. Unfortunately, the pacing becomes too fast and leaves the reader with a bit of whiplash. There are a number of tight squeezes that Sloane gets out of rather quickly and the ending itself is incredibly rushed. I felt like we weren’t really given a lot of answers for the final plot twist, so it felt rather forced.

I enjoyed The Scarlet Dagger, but I certainly wasn’t in love with it. There were plot elements that didn’t make sense to me, the pacing at the end of the book was off and Aden did not really make an impression on me. But, at the same time, I liked Sloane and the world building was incredible. So, now for the million dollar question - am I going to continue the series? I hate to disappoint, but I honestly don't know. I'll probably read some reviews before I dive into it.

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