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Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James
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Dec 18, 11

bookshelves: contemporary-romance, suspense-romance, bdsm
Read from December 06 to 17, 2011

OH MY MY MY. This book had me gone crazy for weeks now. It actually got my attention few days before my Christmas break, and I've decided that I would just read this during the 1st day of my vacation (cause based from the reviews, I have this feeling that it would drive me nuts and thus, I'll ended up bothered during class). For the first few chapters, I though that this is just another rich-guy-met-poor-girl-fell-in-love-then-had-happily-ever-after story, and I got disappointed because I had enough of that cliche already. BUT, as I get to the chapter where Christian Grey slowly unravels his secret, (including the Red Room of Pain, Dom/Sub ) I stopped for awhile and googled BDSM (cause honestly, I have 0 knowledge about that), and yeah, thanks to google & wikipedia, I had my answers.

Christian and Ana's story is full of sincerity, honesty and I did fell in love with their characters. They're witty, romantic and serious at the same time. I love reading the part where they're emailing each other---naught Christian + witty Ana. "Laters, baby" ;) :>

The ending just broke my heart. Tears ran down my cheek while Ana's running away from Christian. I felt the pain between the two of them. And thank God I had a copy of the 2nd book already Fifty Shades Darker because I can't wait to read it!

Awesome work! E.L. James can't wait for the release of the 3rd book
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E.L. James
“Of course. Silly me. Such a sad, exciting score, which no doubt you can play? So many accomplishments, Mr. Grey.”
“And the greatest one is you, Miss Steele.”
E.L. James, Fifty Shades of Grey

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Daphne I just finished the book a few days ago and I am so ambivalent about it! I to was totally engrossed and found myself stealing every available moment to read it (drove my kids and husband nuts!). I gave the book a pretty harsh review but honestly I think the author did a fantastic job writing it and developing her characters, especially Christian. I cried several times during the book especially thinking about what he endured as a child, it probably hit me hard because I have a four year old son. My big problem is Ana. I liked her character at first but the longer I read the more she irritated me. I will confess that I started the Hunger Games around the same time and it is very hard to go back and forth between such a weak and whiny protagonist and such a strong and brave one. So in essence I guess that is not fair to Ana's character, not many literary characters could hold their own against Katniss. I probably would still not have cared much for Ana though circumstance aside. Part of me wants to read the other two books but I just don't know if I can read more about Ana, Christian I could read about all day long. I just found Ana's character unbelievable in to many places. I can't buy into the character what the author wants me to believe. I too knew nothing of BDSM but I found the subject matter in the book did not bother me as much as I first thought it would. I have honestly never read a book before that has left me so confused as to whether I like it or not, I will give the author a huge congratulations on writing a book that stays with you long after you read it!

Lizzie I read your review with this one. Funny that you mentioned Kristen Stewart as Ana, cause I have read somewhere that this book started out as a fanfic for Twilight. There goes the similarity. As for Christian, I think Ryan Gosling fits perfectly as him. Don't you think? Since I've read all three books, I can quite agree that Ana can sometimes be annoying, especially on book 3! I do love this series mainly because of Christian, but on book 3 (Fifty Shades Freed) she always go against Christian, which is so unreasonable most of the time! But I loved Fifty Shades Freed because of its ending, which made me cry BIGTIME! I actually tweeted the author after reading this series to congratulate her. Anyway, I have also read AND watched Hunger Games, and I love Katniss' character. She's strong, smart, brave and mainly symbolizes girl power.

Daphne OH yes I do see Christian as Ryan Gosling! Especially as his character in "Crazy Stupid Love". I am probably going to read the next two books, I just needed a breather from the intensity of it. I noticed that you like Sophie Kinsella books, I love her as well. Have you read "Mr. Maybe" by Jane Green? I think that you would really like it. I am reading "Rock Me" by Cherrie Lynn, it's very light read and good after "Fifty Shades".
I am going to see the "Hunger Games" next week when I finish the book!

Lizzie I haven't read those yet, but I'm adding them up to my TBR shelf. Thank you for the recommendation! Appreciate it! Have you read I've got your number by Sophie Kinsella? I just finished reading it few days ago. It's a nice book.

You should watch Hunger Games, for me, it gave justice to the book. Jennifer lawrence is perfect for Katniss. I've seen it with my family (who has zero idea about the book) and they all love it.

Daphne I have the new Sophia Kinsella as one of my next to read!! I fell in love with the Bridget Jones books a few years ago and I am always looking for something similar. I can't wait to see the Hunger Games movie my daughter saw it the day it opened and she told me I have to finish the book before I can see the movie! I try to read one book on my e- reader and one in regular book form; right now it's Hunger Games in regular and Rock Me in E- book. I usually move through my E-books a little faster for some reason, but I hope to have Hunger Games finished by Monday.

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