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Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt
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First, I think I should say two things: a)This review is going to be really cheesy, and b)that horrific cover does in NO WAY this book justice. I don't care if this is a 'boy' book aimed at middle schoolers, it made this seventeen-year old girl cry and laugh and cry some more to the point that everyone else in my house was a little worried (thank goodness I didn't read this in public).

I can't even quote the best parts in this book because each line builds upon everything you know about that character and their relationships with who they're talking to; it's so rewarding in the end because almost every conversation made me laugh and love the characters even more. Mrs. Windermere's (Skinny Delivery Boy, what ice cream did I order?), the science teacher (oh Clarence), the librarians, Doug's brothers (and there was a beautiful part where.. agh I can't, just read this book), the BIRDS, the play at the end where I was laughing like a maniac, I'm sorry, this review isn't very informative for people wondering what this book is about. You know those 'a-HA!' moments you get when you're reading and something brilliant happens? Like when Jellicoe Road actually starts making sense, or the entire ending to Unwind, or when Harry realizes where that Horcrux was all along, or when you realize who Lucy actually went on a date with in Graffiti Moon? OKAY FOR NOW has tons of these, in a brilliant, subtle, everyday way.

One thing that always makes me love a book, especially a book you can say is aimed for a younger audience, is not dividing the characters into Evil and Good. Yes, Doug gets bullied and is treated unfairly, but those same bad guys are people too, and they have depths that extend past being an antagonist for the main character. One thing that I did notice, however, was that the good characters actually don't work vice versa; they're pure and good through and through, so it'd be nicer if they could venture into that gray area as well. Not that I want Doug's mother to start beating people up or anything, but the characters that start out kind don't develop throughout the story.

The emotion that Doug's simple narration got out of me... I don't even know. Every time he says 'Do you know how that feels?' I needed to take a break because WHAT DO YOU THINK I FEEL?!?? I FEEL WEIRDLY PROUD OF YOU YOU IDIOT AND it was like I could physically feel my heart... not breaking, because I was just so happy

Yeah, it was like I could actually feel my heart physically constricting in happy-sad feelings. So yeah. This book is amazing. If you enjoy being punched in the heart with great characterization and turning into a crying/laughing/generally hysterical mess over a bunch of words than read this book, and if you don't, too bad, read this book
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Quotes Linna Liked

Gary D. Schmidt
“Mr. Powell raised an eyebrow. 'I'm a librarian,' he said. 'I always know what I'm talking about.”
Gary D. Schmidt, Okay for Now

Gary D. Schmidt
“You know, there are good reasons to learn how to read. Poetry isn't one of them. I mean, so what if two roads go two ways in a wood? So what? Who cares if it made all that big a difference? What difference? And why should I have to guess what the difference is? Isn't that what he's supposed to say?

Why can't poets just say what they want to say and then shut up?”
Gary D. Schmidt, Okay for Now

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Aly (Fantasy4eva) reviewreviewereview!!

Linna It's so hard to write about books that I really really love! Soon. Love love loved this book.

April I agree with your comment about the cover. I procrastinated reading it because it looked so childish and goofy. I am now halfway through, and it is an amazing read.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

"I'm not lying." I am halfway through the book and I swear the next time I read that line I will scream. (YES DOUG YOU'RE NOT LYING YOU NEVER LIE WE GET IT!!!) On the other hand, I love his repetition of "That smile" and "Do you know how that feels?" And I love Christopher. He is probably my favorite character, unless Mrs. Windermere can get nicer in the next third of the book.

Linna Haha, I also love how Doug hates poetry so much when the rhythm of his narration is very poetic.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

I gave up on the screaming thing after 37 sxreams. The neighbors were looking funny.

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Auuuggghhhhhh screams not "sxreams" - sorry. Typos: the bane of my existence.
The prose, now you mention it, is very poetic.
That smile. Lots of one line paragraphs:
I count that a win.
I looked at my brother.
I'm not lying.
A long time with the fussing.
His face looked like Disaster.
You know what that feels like?
I'm not lying. [Again]

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