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Crave by Melissa Darnell
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Feb 09, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: paranomal, favorite-series-book-1, young-adult
Read from February 06 to 09, 2012

** spoiler alert ** First and foremost I must start by saying I love this book!!!! Forbidden love is the best kind (in books at least)!

Savannah and Tristan are very opposite but at the same time the thing they have in common is their love for one another. Savannah has been an outcast from "The Clann" and been told not to get near them, especially the golden boy Tristan. While at the same time "The Clann" has been told not to go near Savannah. They use to be friends. Tristan was her first kiss and husband from when they were younger and got pretend married. The Clann treated Savannah as a leaper and made fun of her (especially Dylan, Tristan's best friend). But Savannah and Tristan can't stay away from one another.

They were doing good until she got sick and missed a week of school. Tristan missed her and even asked her friend Anne about her. When she came back she looked different and was still drawn to Tristan. She found that her eyes creeped people out and if she made direct eye contact with a guy she would "gaze daze" them and they would become obsessed with her. She learns she is half human (descendant) and half vampire from her dads side; while she is out sick. The vampire side causes the gaze daze. She also learns the Clann kids were told to stay away from her but they don't know it is because her vampire side.

Anne tells Tristan about the guys obessed with Scarlett and Tristan makes charms to get them off Savannah. Anne sneaks them into her bag. Savannah gets a boyfriend and he gets gaze dazed and obsessed so she ends it with him which doesn't go well. So Tristan steps in and protects her. Awww right?

Long story short Savannah loves to dance but can't because she is too good due to her vampire side so she becomes a Charmer manager (the dance team). Tristan gets kicked off the football team by his parents when he uses his witch power while fighting with his best friend Dylan who was making fun of Savannah. So Tristan joins the Charmers management team so he can get close to Savannah, which eventually works. They have secret dates some in dreams since they can dream connect.

The Vampire Council uses Sanvannah's dad to spy on her for them and also send their own watchers who see her and Tristan. Then Tristan beats up Dylan when he takes a pic of Tristan and Savannah making out. Tristan is bleeding Savannah kisses his bloody knuckles while the watchers see. Her dad takes her to meet with the council of vampire. They have Tristan to test her will power and she if she has control. She does by tuning into her vampire side and becomes Ice Queen and it works. But she has to break up with Tristan. She is going to once they get back from Paris where the council is. Book ends.

Preview for next book: On way back from Paris she calls her mom and finds out The Clann took her Nanna because they think she left with Tristan. Tristan calls to tell them he is fine but can't get through because the witches are using their power.

This can't be good!! Can't wait for the next book to come out I LOVED this book soooooo much!!! Hoping Tristan and Savannah can beat the odds and stay together. She didn't leave him yet and they may need to work together to save Nanna

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