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Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Holy blazing smokes! ALL. THE. FEELS.

I swear its exactly like this..


Onyx was breathtaking, heart stopping, adrenaline pumping, hair tearing, and everything in between! I -honest to all the baby aliens everywhere- was exhausted after all the emotions this book has made me felt! It was like being in a broken and demented roller coaster. Insane and DIDN'T. FREAKING. STOPPED. It just went on and on and on.... that I just sat there, thinking Dammit! This book will make me lose my mind, but oh hell with that, who needs to be coherent anyways? Oh, all the crazies. You will acquire it here. And you will love every single bit of it.

Katy. Oh, I love this girl. I have seriously developed a girl crush on her or something! She is THAT awesome. She has made some nasty decisions here, but the way she accepted and handled them made her a more admirable character. I love that she is a book addict and a blogger. I love that she's strong, independent and realistic. I love that she's not the damsel-in-distress-oh-weep-someone-rescue-me type of heroine but instead the beware-i-will-kick-your-ass-if-you-mess-with-me chick. She just keeps getting better and better. I just love her.

Daemon. The only being that I want to castrate one minute, and make out like there's no tomorrow, the next. Okay, that's many next-es. Hahaha. He's just so complicated, he makes me feel bipolar. LOL. We get to see the many sides of Daemon here. The jealous side of him is annoying and insanely adorable at the same time. (view spoiler) He can still be the biggest douche bag sometimes which activates my kick-him-in-the-balls attitude, but when he goes all sweet, caring and loving, it was just (insert adjective/whatever here, the reviewer just fainted from too much swoonage)

And for those of you who worries that the chemistry between these two would cool down. Kill it with fire! These two are still hotter than the core of the sun! Their bickering just brings out the LOL factor and the sweat-dripping, toe-curling, ovary-exploding heat. Oh, dear heavens YES THEY DO. The sexual tension was just there to make your heart beat faster than the speed of light! Just thinking about them makes me want to take a cold shower.


Daemon kissed like he was a man starving for water, taking long, breathless drafts. When his hands slid...under my shirt, it was as though he reached deep inside me, warming every cell, filling evry dark space within me. Touching him, kissing him, was like having a fever all over again. I was on fire. My body burned. The world burned. Sparks flew. Against his mouth, I moaned.

And maybe swoon till I die? Again.

“If there is anything, there is us. You and me. No one else.”

“Say it."
"Say what?"
"Tell me what you told me earlier."
"I love you."
"That's all I ever need to hear."
"Those three words?"
"Always those three words.”


Besides this, there are those totally embarrassing mouth-hanging-wide-open moments, where your jaw just decided that the floor is a better place to be than with your face. I really didn't see some of the events coming! It just left me dumbstruck and awed in thinking where the hell JLA got these ideas because they are absolutely amazeballs.

Jennifer L. Armentrout just made a permanent residence in my let-me-be-your-slavefavorite authors list.



*crawls to JLA to beg for Opal*

The crazies before this(review) crazy....

Updated 8/15/12

I. FINALLY. HAVE. IT. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. *stops everything in life to read Onyx*




I can't believe this! I need Daemon NOW!!!!



*dies a little*
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Tatiana AHhaahah I feel your pain! lol

bookgeek97 Somebody should post this on her website :P.

Laura Makula LOLOL!!!

vivienne summer Love the Doctor Who gif :)))

Tatiana Nearly there, Ida!!! xxx

message 6: by Ida (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ida Tatiana wrote: "Nearly there, Ida!!! xxx"


Tatiana I can't wait!!!!!

message 8: by Ida (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ida Tatiana wrote: "I can't wait!!!!!"

Three and a half more days!!!!

message 9: by Eunice (last edited Aug 29, 2012 08:05AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Eunice Love love love your review, Ida! I totally agree with all the things you've said too! Great review. :)

message 10: by Ida (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ida Eunice wrote: "Love love love your review, Ida! I totally agree with all the things you've said too! Great review. :)"

Thanks Eunice! And thank you for telling me about that extra about Daemon I forgot to read at the end of the book. I can't still believe that I looked past something like that. O___o

message 11: by Tay (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tay Is that Dr Who?

message 12: by Ida (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ida Tay wrote: "Is that Dr Who?"

Yep. ;)

message 13: by Tay (last edited Nov 18, 2012 10:54AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tay :} Weeping Angels!!!!

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