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How to Slay a Dragon by Bill  Allen
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Dec 04, 2011

really liked it

From the Book Bunny's own review site:

One of the best things on a quiet Friday night to yourself is the opportunity to cuddle with a good book. Last night, I made use of the new Kindle Lending Library to borrow How to Slay a Dragon by Bill Allen (Bell Bridge, 2011). Even though I can only borrow one book a month on my one month free trial of Amazon Prime (Surprise! That’s how they get you!) I definitely plan on buying upcoming books in this series (again, they got me!).

I’m not sure why I’ve been drifting more to elevated middle-grade books these days, but I like what I read. Allen’s book quickly transports readers into the tree house of seventh-grader Greg Hart – a short, gangly boy who spends his time writing fantastical adventures, constantly gets picked on by bullies like Manny Malice, and is invisible to all female cuteness. Just as he’s about to be pounded on by his arch nemesis – WHOOSH! – Greg is teleported via magic to a fantasy land called Myrth that is like something out of his own journal of adventures. This book is full of a great deal of WHOOSHes. And it moves quick. All of a sudden, Greg finds out he’s the famed Greghart from a mysterious prophecy that claims he’s out to slay a dragon. There’s just one problem – Greg Hart is actually two words and he’s never slain a dragon before. With much pushing and prodding, Greg is coerced into his predicted journey and meets a molten lava path, shrieking shrubbery, witches, shadowcats, a bollywomp, spirelings, and yes, a 300-foot dragon.

It’s a fast trip through Myrth, and there’s hardly time to stop and check out the scenery, but Allen’s imagination runs wild with the characters and the fun plot. Probably the best part is the wordplay. Greghart vs Greatheart, Earth vs Myrth, Simon Sez, and almost every chapter uses the word “Hart” (Hart of the Matter, Reunion of the Hart). There’s lots of light sarcasm, which makes the book fun and keeps it moving quickly (WHOOSH!) and makes it the perfect choice for reluctant (and dorky mid-20s) readers.

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