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Bound By Darkness by Alexandra Ivy
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Jan 18, 12

really liked it
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Read in December, 2011

In this latest entry to Alexandra Ivy's Guardians of Eternity, the main romance is between a female vampire, hunter Jaelyn, and dark elf Sylvermist prince Ariyal and I thought that the pairing was an interesting one, but I did have a few nits. Bound by Darkness gets off to a good start with a quick catch-up with past leads Styx and Salvatore. However, the main romance between Ariyal and Jaelyn - who was sent to drag Ariyal back to face the Oracles and discovers that his Sylvermist race may have gotten a bad rap - ends up watered down by trying to stuff in too much setup for the next starring pair, vampires Santiago and Nefri.

Initially, this made Bound by Darkness feel like two loosely connected shorts going on at the same time, and the thread shifts to shoehorn in Santiago/Nefri also lessened the impact of what was there for Jaelyn/Ariyal. I would have liked to have seen the tension between the leads drawn out a bit more instead, especially since it made the budding relationship for Santiago and Nefri feel a bit forced. I'd really have been happier if there had just been a hint of attraction for Santiago and Nefri - and then there would have been room for just a tad of Caine and Cassandra who are pretty much absent here.

So bottom line is that, even though it would have probably made an excellent novella, I stillndid actually end up liking the story. I really enjoyed seeing the past male leads in cameos, and I am hoping that we'll get a sister/(redeemed) mom reunion in the next book. I would really like to see Ivy finish off Caine and Cassandra – I am really looking forward to their story – before moving on to Santiago and Nefri, because the addition of Nefri looks almost like the start of a spin off to me.
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4.0% "Off to a good start, a quick catch up with Styx and Salvatore, and then the leads - a dark elf and a female vamp for a change of pace"
21.0% "Oooo, I think I seen the next pairing in the making..."
50.0% "Wish I had more time but life is getting in the way..."
70.0% "It's looking like it will end up being two short stories linked against the bit of background plot and trying to stuff another romance(or the start of one in) along with thread for the background is watering down the main one down a bit."
71.0% "comment continue'd - I ran out of space for the rest of my 'epic' rambling

Up to this point I was liking Jaelyn and the fae guy (who name is escaping me at the moment darn old (and tired) brain) but I'd have been happier with the conflict and tension between them drawn out a bit more and less of trying to start another pairing (I'd have rather seen a bit of Levit's adventure)..."

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Feistygodwin I had forgotten this one! Sqeeee!

SubterraneanCatalyst I'm reading the entire series leading up this *again* because I've forgotten so much- I wish I could just do a wikipedia play by play and get to this book LOL.

Melindeeloo I know what you mean, once a series gets to be this long I start lamenting the fact that my memory isn't as good as it used to be ( and that I didn't take notes)

Cheryl I so agree with your review, I love her series, but this one could have been a novella.

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