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Across the Universe by Beth Revis
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Sep 14, 13

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Read from February 08 to 19, 2012

There is nothing -seriously, Nothing- as a ride Across the Universe. I mean, you get to see *Stars*, entire galaxies, tons of stelar dust & two or three new species you didn't even EVER thought could exist.

So, here we go, with a little, creepy story:
When I was a little girl, about 8 years old, I got my first Geography book at school. So, I figured I would see ALL the stars & galaxies & stuff that's out there in the universe in its freaking awesomeness! Now, picture a 8 year old, super disappointed when I discovered all that came in the book were some random pictures & a childish sketch of the Solar System (with Pluto still on it, BTW. I'm that kind of old).
Oh, no. Even WORST, when I realized human kind did know nearly NOTHING about the Universe!

Well then, this book was this kind of disappointment, ALL OVER AGAIN. & even if I'm older now, this deception still hurts, deep inside. Like needles, you know?
IDK if I'll ever be able to trust a book that contains stars & universe stuff again.

*Elder is a STUPID, mindless asshole who can't see beyond his nose.
*Amy, okay, she stars it fine. But... yeah, Amy, life is hard, whether you live it on earth or a Universe-Crossing ship. GET OVER IT.
*Eldest, meh, he was fine. Whatever.
*Doc... nothing to say. Not good nor bad just...
*HARLEY, man you're the boos!! (The only character I was loving &... he goes full crazy).
*Orion, he was okay... but went full retard.

Is a shame that I got both books together. Now to read the next *...yey...*

Oh, & it was boring!
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Reading Progress

02/09/2012 page 34
9.0% "Ah, Elder... someone slap him, please. Amy! oh, I want to awake you~ Tell me HOW... um, never mind, somebody will do it for me very soon!"
02/11/2012 page 97
24.0% "I want to reach for Amy & hug her & go back to earth."
02/15/2012 page 209
53.0% "Oh... I thiught she was thinking about her boyfriend... you know, the death earthen guy... Never mind~ Dear Eldest/Elder: I WANT to punch either of you. Att. VA."
02/17/2012 page 259
65.0% "Ooooh! Guess I know how YOU know the things you know, Orion. 'If you know what i mean', jajaja But, seriously, I WANT to keep going but I haven't sleep a bit this whole week, so... Ah, what the heck. A few more pages. My half-closed eyelids won't mind~"
02/18/2012 page 280
70.0% "Feeling better, Amy?"
02/19/2012 page 347
87.0% "I want to finish this now! What will happen, what will happen, what will happen?!" 7 comments
02/19/2012 page 398
100.0% "Sooo... is everybody gonna die?"

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