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Dec 04, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: humor, paranormal

If there was ever a book that should have been left rotting and yellowing in the bottom of a desk in the middle of nowhere, its this one. Loaded with anti-climax, erroneous writing, poor syntax, and grammar; this novel is something no person should have enjoyed for any reason had they a brain with which to reason in the first place.

The author tells instead of shows and ambles instead of describes. Her characters, rather than gaining depth through acts and conversation, equivocate and dawdle through the story. They even take a break in the novel to play a game of baseball FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN TO SHOW OFF THAT THEY AREN'T HUMAN (just in case the protagonist and her readers weren't getting that by the time it happens in the story).

There are better anti-heroes worthy of more praise than Edward Cullen. You want good looking and abusive, read A Streetcar Named Desire. You want possessive and controlling Jane Eyre is right there. You want pointless and unimaginative, this book and the (FML) 4 sequels it's spawned are right up your narrow, impassible, filthy, dingy, squalid, vermin-ridden alley.

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Petra I highly doubt that many of the people who really enjoyed Twilight would enjoy Tennessee Williams :)

Benjamin Smith And it is their short-coming, not Mr. Williams's. My favorite thing about writing negative things about Stephanie Meyer is the reaction of her fans. They rush to her defense and curse all those who voice a negative opinion saying "You and all your pets should die!"

Meyer has made a generation dumber because of this lousy book.

Petra Without doubt.
Yeah, I can imagine that you enjoy that, I guess you enjoy such reactions to whatever you write in general. It's fascinating to observe you, very entertaining :)
Not to mention the fact that your hairdo reminds me of F. Scott Fitzgerald or someone like that.

Anyway, I agree and it's sad.

Benjamin Smith I don't enjoy... That's a word I think I can't use. I'm merely fascinated. It's like watching a train wreck. And as for my own writing. If people don't like it, they have the right to write something better.

Petra Well, fascination is enjoying in a way.
I meant your tweets, it's fun to follow you.

Benjamin Smith Thanks. :)

Petra ;)

Victoria Limbert Nothing like saying exactly what you feel :p though I dont mind the review because everyone has a right to an opinion, I enjoyed these books as 'easy-reading' and fun and didnt look much deeper than that and did enjoy the films as I am a fan of some of the actors anyway :) Still awesome review :p

Benjamin Smith I actually enjoy some of the actors in the films as well. Bob Patensen was great in Water for Elephants. The fellow playing Carlyle had a movie come out about a former stock broker turned NYC pickpocket that was good. And Bella's stuck up friend... Jessica? She was brilliant in 50/50.

Victoria Limbert I love billy Burke and Robert Pattinson they are awesome. I am reserving judgement on Kristen Stewart until I have watched Snow White and the Huntsman as I only have Twilight and Zathura to compare her with tbh.

I am not sure the Twilight films were made brilliantly well and I wish I could have gotten hold of the scripts and re done them but Water for Elephants was fantastic and showed me that they were, individually, good actors

Victoria Limbert yep she was good in Snow it was just the Twilight films that were not done amazingly well :)

message 12: by Benjamin (last edited Jul 14, 2012 02:17PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Benjamin Smith Well, they cut her screen time and surrounded her with better actors. If you think about it, all she did in Snow White was react to things that weren't there. I'm going to say she's a bad actress who looks pretty when she has to.

Victoria Limbert LOL! fair enough comment.

message 14: by Al "Tank" (new)

Al "Tank" Awe, c'mon, Ben, tell us what you really think (chuckle).

Haven't read this thing. Not into modern vampires etc. Too "touchy - feely". Vampires should be totally scary /or/ funny. [Dracula (original) /or/ "Love at First Bite" funny.]

But there is NO excuse for poor writing (my worthless opinion). But money speaks louder than I do, so the author can beat me over the head with "success" until I'm black and blue. A sad commentary on the condition of readers today.

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