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Lady Luck by Kristen Ashley
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Whew! It's official. I have now read this book six times. I just can't help myself. Whenever I read a horrible book and need to cleanse out those bad vibes I go to Ty and Lexie. Lexie is an amazing character that I can connect with. She's had some rough times in life but Lex stays strong and her light shines big and bright. She's a goof but I loved that about her. The best thing about Lexie is that she is devoted to her man. Her loyalty is my favorite thing about her. I can sit here and go on and on and on.. She's just kickass. Simple.

As for uber sexy alpha Ty. Well um. He's just too awesome to put in words. Now don't get me wrong, I wanted to shove a fork up his ass at times but he redeemed himself for everything at the beach scene. My hubby can say that any time and I'd come running with bells on. As long as his name is Ty Walker.

Loved the epilogue. Kristen just writes them in a way that creates tingles in all the right places. Cheers for re-reading this book!
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Kristen Ashley
“<…>Tate fell silent.
Ty didn't.
"Since the day I was released, you knocked yourself out. You had my back, you took care of Lexie when we had our thing then you did what you could to help me sort that. It's important to me that you know I'm grateful. I've been tryin' to figure out how I can show how much but, keep thinkin' on it, nothin' comes to mind and I know why. I get it. You're a man who has everything so there is nothing I can hand you that you want or need. And I get that because I am now that same man. So the only thing I can give you are words and, my guess is, that'll be enough. If it isn't, you name it and it's yours."
"Friends do what I did for friends," Tate returned.
"No they don't, Tate. You did what you did for me because you're you. That's what I'm talkin' about."
Tate ws silent a moment then he said, "Well then, you guessed right. Words are enough."
Ty nodded.
Tate tipped his head to the side and asked jokingly, "We done with the near-midnight in the middle of fuckin' nowhere heart-to-heart?"
Ty didn't feel like joking and answered, "No."
"Then what -?"
"Love you, man," Ty interrupted quietly.
"Learned the hard way not to delay in expressing that sentiment so I'm not gonna delay. You call me brother and I got one who's blood who don't mean shit to me and today, all this shit done, rejoicing and reflecting, it hit me that I got two who aren't blood but who do mean something. And you're one of those two."
"Ty-" Tate murmured.
"I will never forget, until I die, what you did for me and my wife and until that day I will never stop bein' grateful."
"Fuck man," Tate whispered.
"Now, do those words work so you get what you did mean to me?"
Silence then, "Yeah, they work."
"Good, then now we're done with our near-midnight, middle of fuckin' nowhere heart-to-heart," Ty declared, turned, opened the door to the Viper and started folding in.
He stopped with his ass nearly to the seat and looked up over the door when Tate called his name.
"I don't have a blood brother," Tate said. "But you should know there's a reason I call you that."<…>”
Kristen Ashley, Lady Luck

Kristen Ashley
“<…>"No, Ty, you drew it when one second you had your tongue in my mouth, your hands on me and me on my back in your bed and swear to God, swear to God, that was all you had to do, I was this close," she lifted a hand and held her thumb and forefinger an inch apart, "to climax just with that and the next second you took it all away from me. All of it and you fucking know exactly what I'm talking about because the next second I was standing on my feet, you were two feet away but you might as well still have been in fucking California and then I watched you shut down."<…>”
Kristen Ashley, Lady Luck

Kristen Ashley
“<…>"You're part-goof all class. Never walked in a room, any room, with a woman on my arm, any woman, who's got your looks, your style, the kinda beauty you got and the light that shines from you. So I don't get it. I don't get how a woman leads a life full of shit and comes out of it bein' part-goof and all class. That shit's impossible but there you fuckin' are. Part-goof, all class."
I felt my breath coming fast but managed to whisper, "I'm not part-goof."
"You're right. I was bein' nice. You're a total goof."
"Am not"
"Babe, you call me 'hubby'," he pointed out but my breath came faster because he called me "babe" again.
"You are my hubby."
"No one says hubby," he told me.
"I do," I told him.
"All right, I'll rephrase. No one but a goof says hubby."….<…>”
Kristen Ashley, Lady Luck

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