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Eden by Keary Taylor
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Dec 03, 2011

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bookshelves: 2011-challenge, dystopian
Read in December, 2011

** spoiler alert ** I am so beyond pissed off. So I completely loved the book, with the exception of the last part. Let me just start this off with: whenever I'm reading a book, I always fall for the pairing with most chemistry. Always. So it's no surprise that I fell for West.

So, when Eve gets to the power plant and jumps over the "bloody and infected body of West", it's complete bullshit for me. Fine, she didn't end up with my faorite character, West. Fine, apparently she loves Avian. But nothing, NOTHING, will convince me otherwise of the fact that Eve still feels something for West. She cares for him. She would NOT jump over the body of someone she cares about. I mean, dude, if you see your friend and the person you love lying there all bloody, you would most probably go to the person you loved first, but surely you wouldn't jump over the body of your friend, which you still care about, without a second thought?!

And this whole infected part: next book either means that West dies, which will piss me off even more because you CAN'T just kill off a character because it's what's more convinient!!! OR West will be the poor, scarred, rejected boy, which will also piss me off even more, because West is my favorite character.
EDIT: just saw that this is a stand alone novel. Which pisses me more off! So we're really not going to know what happened with West. Holding back profanities here, not gonna lie.

The other thing that made this anger be even bigger, was that when Eve got the news about West possibly being her brother, SHE WENT INTO SHOCK. Like the medical kind of shock. She was actually hospitalized. THAT right there had me 10000000% sure that OF COURSE she was going to pick West. I mean, who else goes into shock when learning someone, who apparently, later on we find out, you don't actually love, is possibly your brother?! If you care SO little about someone that you jump over their body, without knowing if he/she is alive or deaf and not giving it a second thought, why the HELL would she go into freaking shock when she learns that he might be her brother?! Why?!

I don't think I've been this pissed off with a book ever. I feel like the ending was just a "oh, crap, I've written long enough, and this whole love triangle still isn't resolving. Hmmm.... Let's just get this over with!" from the author's side.

Yes, I do realize that the whole Eve/West-pairing had issues, but, come on! So did the Eve/Avian-pairing. The author could totally have managed a better ending which was more humane, resolved more, and didn't cause a complete personality change in the main character.....

I'll give this book a 4 because the rest was really good, and I still want other people to read it. But the ending deserves a 1 in my eyes. So disappointed!
EDIT: yeah, changed my mind. It doesn't deserve a 4.
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