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The Mysterious Universe by Ellen Jackson
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Dec 03, 2011

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Author: Ellen Jackson
Genre: Informational

Summary: Discusses the importance of supernovae, and dark energy in understanding the expansion of the universe.

A. The content of this book is critiqued

B. The book presents several aspects of astronomy in a clear and understandable manner for older students. The phenomenon of supernovae, dark energy and black holes are made clear through vivid illustrations. The role that dark energy plays in the expansion of the universe is well illustrated (pg 38).The information is presented in a factual, but light-hearted manner allowing young students to fill comfortable reading this text. On page 5, for example it states "Wahoo!" he shouts. "We nailed it. We've got a Type 1a (One-A) supernova!” However, the appeal to young readers sometimes seems to go a bit too far, for example on page 16, the author is pictured holding a boogie board at the beach and the text refers to him eating pizza, that appears more distracting than engaging. Also, the content of the story focuses primarily on the astronomical work of one person, the author, Alex Filippenko that causes one to wonder if the information presented is shared by the wider science community.

C. Appropriate for teaching a science curriculum covering astronomy basics of dark energy, black holes, super novae, and how Doppler shift can to measure the universe's speed of expansion, and how astronomers use the Doppler shift to predict the beginning of the universe.

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