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Advent by James Treadwell
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Aug 12, 12

it was ok
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Review By Shelly

This seemed to me to be a really interesting read and I couldn’t wait to delve into Gavin’s world and see what happened. Gavin, our reluctant hero, is a child who has been thrown out of boarding school, has no friends and does not get on with Mum and Dad. Oh yes he also sees things other people can’t! I was thinking that this was to be another YA magic/fantasy book but James Treadwell really takes you on another journey all together. It is a fairly dark and twisted world you are thrust into.

The main narrative follows Gavin and so you the reader are discovering things as and when Gavin does and I have to say that I found this particularly perplexing as it was very difficult to understand what was going on. I think it was not until near the end that I finally got into the book and enjoyed it. The first three quarters are really confusing and the way the author writes can be very long winded and complicated – overly so in my opinion. When the ‘action’ finally kicks in the book does tend to gather pace and I did find myself wanting to read more and more.

There are other characters in the book who are just as intriguing as Gavin. The Uren Family who live in Pendurra, an isolated house in a remote part of Cornwall, have some fairly big secrets of their own. Hester Lightfoot a slightly eccentric professor who has been thrown out of her University and befriends Gavin as she can also hear things others cannot.

The premise that there is an old dark magic that was practised long ago and now has come to life once again in remote Cornwall did resonate with me as Cornwall is full of folklore. I did feel that I could see the warlocks and spirits come to life here as James Treadwell really brings them to life with his wonderful descriptions.

Now I know this is part one of the trilogy and so the author is setting up characters for the rest of the books but I did feel as though the book lacked something for me. I did however, find the last chapter very intriguing as it developed the new leading character of what I suspect is the next book and that did seem like a story I wanted to read and that surprised me as I did not think I would be picking up any more of the Advent books.

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