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Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
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Mar 27, 2009

it was ok

ok, I think everyone I talk to already knows how I feel about Stephanie Meyers writing abilities, but just in case you're interested:

I felt I needed to read it to be able to evaluate it better. I couldn't be expected to have validity without actually trudging through.

She has a captivating story, at least with the other books, it kept one reading. This last one is a stretch, its so. . . sitcom like. There is all this tension building up and then nothing really happens, life is wonderful and they will live in love forever. Kind of gaggy sweet with no pop. However, I will give it to those who love her stories, that it is an interesting, creative story, I just wonder where her editor is! She actually has in print double contractions! I would imagine that she was trying to give Jacob his voice with it, but it really grated on me. I noticed several more mistakes in who was speaking, like on page 612, last paragraph she mistakenly calls Zafrina, Carlisle. Her scientific research needs updated. Drift wood does not burn blue and green from the salt! It would burn yellow.

I suppose I am being hard on her writing ability, some have asked where my works are, before I criticize others. My point is that I would like to see something so celebrated, arriving in a better form. She has the capabilities to do a better job and I feel that I'm being sold a mediocre effort. If it is being marketed to the youth, don't they deserve something better to guide them in their efforts? I still am amazed that this has such a phenomenal following. Its is good that it is fairly clean and with standards of admirable note, I know there is a shortage of that in the world of literature, I just want it to be better! I would like a C.S. Lewis subtlety with the truth, a less guessable plot like an Agatha Christie, some more finesse, I suppose. Sorry to all those who are so thrilled with her efforts, I can't in good conscience give my applause.
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message 1: by Kristine (last edited Apr 03, 2009 11:29AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Kristine yes, I felt like they sold me on a steak dinner and then served me mac n cheese. she could've done better.

Julia I was very disappointed with her last book as well. It was too predictable, I knew how it was going to end before I even started the book! I think it was rushed and so she didn't put everything into it like she should of. I don't even think she was that great of an author to begin with, she merely had a crazy dream and let it play out. I don't think she is that creative of a person! Sorry. I really do like the series! : )

message 3: by Annette (new)

Annette Here, here! I applaud you for giving an honest review on a popular series that has received so much undeserved praise.
I'm impressed that you actually took the time to read it so that you could give it an honest review. You are a better woman than I am, I don't think I could stomach another of her novels, the first one just about did me in.

Louise I have been mussing on Kristine's comment of 'mac n cheese'. The world's obesity problems stem from a diet of excessive carbs, which can be addicting, but nutritionally incomplete. I believe that a comparison of this to the literature here is the problem. That we are too excepting of mediocrity, instead of going for something 'nutritional'!

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