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The Immortals of Meluha by Amish Tripathi
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Nov 24, 2012

it was ok
Read in December, 2010

Good story poorly written

Amish Tripathi weaves a splendid but totally fictional & fantasised account of Shiva's traivails.

For the folks looking for Lord Shiva's mythologicaly accurate chronical would feel frustrated. This book is certainly not for the purists; they should explore authetic SHIVA PURAN for that goal.

This is a fabricated, but very well conceptualised story, weaving together the history(Indus Valley Civilization), geaography ( North Indian plains above the Vindhayas) & mythology; it still is a fantasy neverthless! The publishers should have added an asterix with a disclaimer somewhere, else many readers might feel cheated, like me.

The writer deserves kuddos for coming up with such creative story-plot, however the quality of writing is very pedestrain. This belongs to those beginners English students, for whom Amitava Ghosh's brillaiance maybe too much to comprehend.

Chetan Bhaghat's audience is the target here, so serious Anglo-bibiliofiles beware; the 10th stanadard writing style would leave you unhappy. The story however holds enough content to keep you turning the pages.

I wish the editors would have helped the author to rise to mthe ocassion & it could have been our desi reply to Eragon & twilight-saga!
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Naikma i agreed till about the last sentence. Twiligh saga... ??? seriously

Indian Well I agree on that... Twilight saga maybe a tad too good to be even brought into the same reckoning as this Meluha tri logy series....I give it to you...

Neerja I don't think with a story like this .... Standard of English matters at all. Not to me at least .

message 4: by Purpleprincess (new)

Purpleprincess what do you mean by 10th std writing style?! standard of English doesn't matter here.. its a Indian book about a Hindu god. it was good enough for Indians to understand.. and the standard of English wasn't that worst!

Raghu Standard of English wasnt worst, though it doesn't match that of our J.K.Rs and J.R.Rs!
but still.. Twilight??? seriously????

Suvajit I am a writer myself but I love to read and write simple english. It does make sense. I enjoyed it

Rahul I agree with this review whole heartedly. It's not a question of 'simple english', it's a question of being grammtically correct, which I found lacking at quite a few places. I also found the characters were being 'forced' into roles with any establishment of a personality. There's no backstory to Shiva. He's a benevolent leader and we are to accept that. He's the saviour and we are to accept that. You can't just say he's got a blue throat, he'll save us. There has to be a gradual pacing of the story where we are not told he's the saviour, we are SHOWN it. Through character history, through character actions and interactions. Which seem to be sorely lacking. At no point did I feel that the other characters are anything but props for Shiva. In my opinion, this is wrong. Each character is a story in themselves. And all these stories intermingle and weave forming a coherent whole centered around the main character. That is missing in this book. I found Samit Basu's 'Simoquin Prophecies' trilogy far more enjoyable and readable.

Tanima Mukharjee Bro Rahul u r requested to go through the other books of this series to know the stories behind Shiva and his blue throat..!!

Mandeep Gulati This is just one book of the trilogy. You need to read all 3 to understand. Only then one can be in a position to write a review. To me, standard of English does not matter much. I do appreciate the creativity of the author and thoroughly enjoyed the trilogy

Deepak Dev I don't think the English was 10th grade.And i agree with everything else except twilight !

But the lush and intense plotting had really made the story even believable.
The effort he took in integration of historic and geographical signs in to the story is grea.
But towards the end of last and third book the story some how concludes in an unethical or dispassionate way.That was really disturbing for any one who know consider Shiva as a yogi. All the symbolism in and around Shiva project him as a yogi.May be he might have consciously missed the part where a man trancend to god on a non physical level, so that his readers can enjoy him as and action hero or a strategist.
I hope he has the ability to be entitled as ""

Deepak Dev i hope he has the ability un be entitled as the "paulo coelho of the east" only he he shows it in his expression of writing. But i think a great opportunity has passed with out much of a gain.

message 12: by Rupa (new) - rated it 5 stars

Rupa Joshi The introduction states that it is fiction blended with historical fact. Also the blurb reads as thought it is fiction mixed in with some fact. So I disagree win the fact tat readers would get confused. I've read a few chapters and think that when Dharma Productions take it to set it will be the Hindi answer to twilight and Harry potter.

Narayani Most apt review so far.

message 14: by Leena (new)

Leena Gupta well, yeah.. i would love an Indian author to give a Desi reply to twilight-saga...

Nisarg Vinchhi umm... I don't think the author ever claimed this to be a true account. I always knew it as fiction, even without the "disclaimer". I found the book intriguing, have yet to read the other two, but your argument about his English seemed a little silly to me. What matters is how he approaches the story, not the literary devices used. And seriously, Twilight is a disgrace to literature. How can you even think of comparing that hideous monstrosity of a book to elegant works of art by Tolkien Rowling and the others?

message 16: by Leena (new)

Leena Gupta Well, I finally read The Immortals Of Meluha a few days back. And I think the book was just A-W-E-S-O-M-E.
I loved it. Really..

Wahyu Nurasman for those who who from outside of India, which do not know much about Hindu's God. it's really helpful to see story like this. I knew that this is fabricated but more than it help me a lot to knew them closely. yes, because it's fantasy, you take one true fact that twisting it in you own world. differ to other that most of them is following the market, I think this book is full of morale lesson.

I don't know about the english that the author used but in the translation of language I'm quite like it.

Indian Wahyu wrote: "for those who who from outside of India, which do not know much about Hindu's God. it's really helpful to see story like this. I knew that this is fabricated but more than it help me a lot to knew ..."

@Wahyu!! In which language did you read this book?

Parth Kohli Bad review poorly written.

Indian Parth wrote: "Bad review poorly written."

@Parth: The review is for the book & not a review of my review :P
It's just one opinion, we all living in a democracy are entitled having a opinion.
Tolerance is the key.

Gaurav Sudhant Well, for all those who have problems with the grammar then read the Hindi version and enjoy the story.

message 22: by Daria (new)

Daria I was thinking about putting it on my to read list... but im spoiled and its not in kindle format.. Im seeing a lot of mixed reviews.. so Ill wait for a bit.. thank you for your review!

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