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Hexed by Kevin Hearne
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12/02/2011 page 2
1.0% "The Japanese [gods] wanted me to mess with the Chinese, and vice versa. The old Russian gods wanted me to stick it to the Hungarians. The Greeks wanted me to knock off their Roman copycats in a bizarre manifestation of self-loathing and internecine jealousy."
12/02/2011 page 2
1.0% "The weirdest by far were those Easter Island guys, who wanted me to mess around with some rotting totem poles in the Seattle area. But everyone--at least, it sure seemed like everyone--wanted me to slay Thor as soon as I had a free moment. The whole world was tired of his shenanigans, I guess."
12/02/2011 page 5
2.0% "'I have come to talk about those times, if you are free for the span of an hour or so.' 'Right,' I replied, rolling my eyes. 'Just let me go get my hourglass and my smoking jacket. Listen to yourself, Leif! Do you want to blend in or not? The span of an hour? Who says shit like that anymore?'"
12/02/2011 page 5
2.0% "...'But I enjoyed the anapestic meter of "for the span of an hour" followed by the iamb--' 'Gods below, you compose your sentences in blank verse? No wonder you can't carry on a half hour's conversation with a sorority girl!'"
12/04/2011 page 34
12.0% "I looked down at Oberon and clapped my hands together as Coyote disappeared from view. 'NOW we can go see the Polish witches.' Oberon observed. "
12/10/2011 page 220
75.0% "I heard it snap satisfyingly against something, and a sharp cry of pain followed from the blond witch immediately afterward. Douglas Adams was right: There is nothing so $assively useful in the universe as a towel."
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