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How to Say Goodbye in Robot by Natalie Standiford
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Dec 02, 2011

really liked it
Read in December, 2011

Morality, let's talk about it:

I know it's probably a double-standard with the whole language thing and all. On principle bad language is never a good thing. And maybe a sign of lack of imagination, bad form?? I do, however, feel that in some cases, to make a character/circumstance believable, it's sometimes needed. This book would be the exception. For me. The language didn't feel gratuitous or forced. Which I love. There was also some under-age drinking going on. Which I don't love. I oppose that practice in general. I realize that this happens in high school. Not for me, but for many. So I understand that adding it kind seems normal. Not right, but normal. In some novels the whole high school/drinking thing can be taken in some pretty naughty/extreme directions. In this book it did not. Which I appreciated. I could enjoy the book and all the foibles that come with stupid high schoolers and not get that horrible 'crap-I-wish-I-hadn't-just-read-that' feel where I've got to chuck the book. And miracle of miracles NO SEX. It certainly was references as far as it being a choice. But, thankfully, no sex. For all that, my rating SHOULD be a 3-star.

The Story, let's talk about it:

Enjoyed it. The characters were so well drawn out. Each one had their very clear and distinct personalities. The main character was charming and real. She didn't talk dreamy or too old for her age, even though she was portrayed as more of a deep thinking adolescent than her peers. Her thoughts and language were right for the age and quirky and normal. The story-line itself can be seen as a little sad or depressing, and maybe it can be in parts. On the whole I was satisfied with how it all ended. Almost sweet. I like a happy ending. But one with just a little sad mixed in. It can't all be perfect. For story enjoyment on the whole I give this a 4-star rating.

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