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The Saint by Monica McCarty
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Dec 01, 2011

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I must say I was sadly disappointed with this one and I was so looking forward to it. I just didn't like Helen. I found myself scanning ALOT. There was too much inner monologue - "how can I win him?", "what should I do?", "why won't he look at me?", "I will not let my brothers tell me what to do", blah, blah, was frankly annoying. I was actually more interested in Will and Muriel's story.

It started off great, the past history between Helen and Mackay and where they end up now left me wanting more. They were both young when Mackay asked Helen to marry him, being young and naive and controlled by her brothers, she refused him. Flash forward, she is now engaged to his best friend Temple (though Helen and Temple don't know of their connection and Helen and Temple have met only a few times, with no love between them), ok still good.

After seeing Saint at her pre-wedding party, she decides to go for it and talk to him about how she feels. Being a good friend, Saint tells her there is nothing to say and walks away. She is more determined to win him back, despite her brothers' hatred for Saint and interference, but and this is where I start to lose it.....after he tells her he doesn't love her anymore, she STILL goes ahead and marries Temple - STRIKE 1. So much for her love of Saint and not letting her brothers run her life. Shortly there after Temple realizes their history and offers her an out, but before they can get an annulment, Temple is gravely injured and Saint is left to kill him and deface him before the enemy finds him (way too early in the book in my opinion).

Now Helen is more determined to win him back, she goes after him repeatedly and he repeatedly rebukes her (kudos to her for her tenacity), she keeps saying that her brothers were not going to run her life and she was choosing Saint, but she refuses to confide her suspicions of the King being poisoned in him (she goes to her brother, who tells her not to tell anyone (especially Saint)). - STRIKE 2

Saint finally relents and gives into her pursuits. Things seem to be looking up and when he asks her to marry him, she refuses AGAIN, because Saint can't forget about his best friend and her husband that he had to kill to keep her protected. - STRIKE 3! She won't marry him until he can excise Temple's ghost - REALLY, a bit selfish don't you think after chasing the man for months, throwing yourself at him, and knowing Temple and Saint were best friends and knowing what Saint had to do in order to keep everyone's identity hidden and protected, she still denies him, because of HER past failings and mistakes.

And another part I found annoying was her constant defense of her brothers (after repeatedly saying that she wasn't going to follow them anymore) when it is clear that Kenneth looks for any excuse to taunt and rile and fight Saint and Helen, just says, well they're protective, their my brothers, their my family. So what is it, are your going against their wishes and demands to stay away from Saint or are you with Saint? It does take the patience of a saint to put up with their crap, having it rubbed in your face and be unable to defend or say anything for fear of exposing yourself. And Helen keeps defending her brothers behaviors to Saint like it is his fault - she could have been a bit more forceful and told her brothers to shut the hell up. - STRIKE 4

Yeah, now that I'm rehashing my hangups, I'm thinking closer to 2 stars. Like I said, I was more interested in Will and Muriel's history and story. Maybe if the Saint, Temple, Helen drama was drawn out a bit more before Temple dies (opening the story a few months before the wedding, instead of at the wedding and having the characters interact more before hand).

Still love the series and while I'm skeptical about liking Kenneth - and I completely don't want him to be Saint's new partner, in the Guard fine, but partner no - too much history, too much hatred, I know the Guard is about setting aside differences for the greater good, but I just don't see it with these two. I liked the sneak peak offered and will most likely read it.
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Tina Nguyen you took the words out of my mouth!! I totally agree with you :-)

message 2: by Jules2016 (new)

Jules2016 Isn't it funny that as you start to write down your grievances with a book the star count slowly comes down from what you originally thought. Great Review. Think I will pass on this one

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