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After Obsession by Carrie Jones
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Dec 01, 2011

it was amazing
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Read on December 01, 2011

I have to say, I LOVED this book! After reading the "Need" series by Carrie Jones, I figured I'd try another one of her books. This is NOTHING like the "Need" series and I had no idea what the story even entailed until I started reading it.

I'm a sucker for a good paranormal/supernatural story, but when you pair that with a good YA romance, I'm lovin' it!

So Alan and his mother have moved from Oaklaholma to Maine to live with Alan's aunt and cousin Courtney. His Uncle had died in an accident on the river and even his body was never found. So to help them to keep their house, Alan and his mother decided to move there to help them out. Alan has never known his father, who was part Navajo Indian and he's very much into learning about his heritage. He has done a sweat lodge before and he listens to his spirit guide, a cougar named Onawa. He's also into metal music and wears a lot of heavy metal t-shirts.

THen there is Aimee. Her mother was bipolar and she died in the river as well. Some say she committed suicide, but Aimee isn't so sure. She lives with her Dad, her Gramps, and her younger brother Benji. She is also Courtney's best friend.

Aimee has been dating Blake for a very long time now, and she knows they're really together for no good reason. She doesn't even really like him anymore, and after meeting Alan, she knows she needs to break things off with Blake. Especially since Blake is being extremely racist towards Alan, calling him Squaw and other Indian names. Aimee also notices that everyone in school seems to be very mean lately, not acting like themselves. Courtney especially hasn't been acting like herself at all.

Alan is the first to notice things at the house just aren't right. FIrst he thinks its mice making scratching noises in the floor and in the walls. Then coming home one night he sees a shadow in Courtney's bedroom window. He runs up there and only she is in her room, and she's freaking out that he came in without knocking. Alan and Aimee start talking about Courtney, who is breaking out in horrible acne, her eyes don't seem to be like they are normally, and she's being mean to Aimee, something she never had done before. THen comes the day when she literally throws Alan across the cafeteria.This barely 5 foot tall girl throwing this 200 lb. ex-football player just isn't normal. Then she faints and is taken to the hospital.

Alan and Aimee come to the conclusion that Courtney is being possessed by the River Man, the same evil entity that possessed and killed Aimee's mother. Did I mention that Aimee also has healing powers and sometimes she has dreams that come true? All this factors into what Aimee and Alan have to do to save Courtney from a full blown possession. Are they strong enough to handle this, or will evil prevail this time instead of good winning out?

This was a pageturner that I finished in a day. I couldn't put it down. I may not have given the best review to describe how good this book is, but its definitely worth reading if you like paranormal/possession and some romance thrown in the mix. I'm really starting to love this author's work. Off to see what else she has for me to read!

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