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Acquainted With the Night by Piper Maitland
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Dec 01, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: vampires, own, thriller, romance, review, series, first
Read from January 16 to 23, 2012

This is one of those books where I had a hard time figuring out my rating. I both love and loathe this book, but as the positive impression prevailed I finally settled with a rounded four star rating.

The story in my words: After Caro's uncle, an archeologist, is murdered at an excavation site, Caro travels to Bulgaria to transfer his remains. She is joined by Jude, a mysterious biologist appearing out of nowhere claiming he was contacted by her uncle and on his way to visit. Soon, Caro is pursued and almost killed by some evil thugs with reflective capes and lots of zinc oxide ointment on their bare skin (does it smell like fangs in here?!), which leads to her being warranted for murder. An encrypted message Caro's uncle left before he died sends Caro and Jude on a quest through several countries. While trying to escape the police and their pursuers, they also put together the pieces of a long hidden mystery, revealing the unbeliavable truth about Caro's family and their history. Of course, it is inevitable for Caro and Jude to fall in love along the way, causing further complications. Through in some scientific explanations and the evil owner of a bio-medical science lab, and out comes a perfect historical-scientific-fantastic-romantic thriller.

I enjoyed the plot, which is in the typical style of adventure quests like Da Vinci Code, Tomb Raider etc. and would surely fill some Hollywood pockets if made into a movie. The vampires where nasty and repulsive with interesting mental disorders, making for excellent psychopathic thugs chasing Caro. Only later do we find confirmation that not all vampires are evil and vampirism is as diverse as humanity.

What annoyed me while reading this book was the sudden outbreak of love and sex between Caro and Jude. Explained as a side-effect of being bitten by vampires Caro's overwhelming sexual attraction seemed plausible, but they plunged head-on into their relation and into bed in the blink of a rushed sentence. Though these scenes are the easiest example, there are several other situations where the story experienced turns too sudden to fit into its narrative flow.

Finally, there was at least one plot mistake, where Caro takes great care to hide an important document only to retrieve it from her bag several pages later.

In conclusion, this book is a good variation of the vampire theme and may suit not only genre fans, but other readers alike.
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