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Unraveled by Courtney Milan
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Jan 02, 2012

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Read from December 31, 2011 to January 01, 2012

This book 100% suffered from my expectations. I loved Unveiled. And I really liked Unclaimed. I got to Unraveled, so excited, and something about it just lacked the magic of its predecessors for me. I think, honestly, it was that there didn't seem to be the same level of tension between the two main characters. In Unveiled, we have a woman falling in love with a man who is destroying her future and her family. In Unclaimed, a woman is trying to destroy a man's reputation. And here...Miranda and Smite just didn't have that underlying something. The closest thing to it was was Smite's terrible, terrible past. I thought that part of the story was excellent. I thought Smite was excellent. But what I've loved about Courtney Milan's other Turner books is how multi-dimensional her female leads are. I liked Miranda, and she was good for Smite, but it just seemed too easy. She got him so quickly so it hurt her that he acted like he didn't want her, but she pretty much ignored it. I missed the buildup of the sexual relationship as well.

I still liked this book. It was a fun read and filled with period details. It showed another aspect of Victorian life that a romance novel doesn't often explore. And the writing was good, too. It was an excellent romance novel. But...Courtney Milan has heightened my expectations of her books. When I sit down to read them, I expect MORE than just a fun romance novel with a love story and interesting period details. I don't know if Unraveled delivered that for me. I might change my mind upon further reflection, but for now I'm just not sure .

I'd still recommend Unraveled because I thought Smite was so well characterized that he alone makes the read worth it.
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I feel what you're saying. I really liked the fact that their relationship wasn't about the chase though, that it was about Smite's damage and Miranda's matter-of-factness about her situation. I really enjoyed the storyline about the Patron too.

Kate I liked the smite damage part, but Miranda's matter of factness is what got me. I get people just undertanding other people to an extent, but it just felt off to me when no one else had ever really understood Smite at all let alone right away, even Mark. The Patron storyline was intriguing for me, if maybe a little obvious. Still, this is heads and tails about most romance for me and I thought the period details were well done without being intrusive.

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