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Chariots of The Gods by Erich von Däniken
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Nov 30, 2011

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The book Chariots of the Gods was written by Erich Don Vaniken. Chariots of the Gods is a book about different conspiracy theories that Vaniken has. He shares and explains his different theories on whether there are aliens out there, how they got there, if they’ve contacted Earth before and much more. He uses science and eyewitnesses sources to back up his claims. He talks about how we, the human race, were once aliens from another planet. He claims that we came from another planet and came to Earth with all this new technology and the “savages” did not know what was going on because they praised to the “Gods” (the sun and moon) but now there are new “Gods”: Humans. Vaniken also states that certain marvels in Egypt, are actually space travel centers. He believes that all the facts archeologists and Egyptologists have come up with don’t add up, that there are so many unexplainable mysteries to Egypt, that it must have been used by aliens or by humans traveling to other planets.
I did not really enjoy this book because it seemed a little too extreme to me. All of his theories aren’t based on that much evidence, he has evidence, for example the unexplainable mysteries of Egypt, but doesn’t have evidence to connect it to aliens because it could be many other things. I thought it was really interesting and made you really think and question about everything that has had happened and everything that still happens on Earth, but sometimes it was too extreme for me.

“Is it really a coincidence that the height of the pyramid…multiplied by a thousand million – 98,000,000 miles – corresponds approximately to the distance between the earth and sun? Is it a coincidence that a meridian running through the pyramids divides continents and oceans into two exactly equal halves?”

This demonstrates how some of the claims Vaniken makes can be very thought provoking, but at the same time don’t exactly mean that the answer to every mystery on Earth is aliens.

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