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Before I Wake by Rachel Vincent
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Nov 30, 2011

it was amazing
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Read in June, 2012

I cannot describe the emotions that came over me as I read Before I Wake. All I can say is that Rachel Vincent is a genius, once again. Each one of the Soul Screamers novels exceeds its predecessor in its own special way, making it so much more of an adventure to read each time I pick up the latest book in the series.

Before I Wake is probably one of the most emotional books in the series. I mean, I considered My Soul to Save to be the one that broke my heart the most. That was until Before I Wake came into my life. Kaylee's life as a reaper is definitely not an easy path. She finds that life is not as simple as it once was, even as a bean sidhee. I really thought I hated Rachel Vincent for a while. I mean, Kaylee's been through enough already, but you just have to continue tossing tons of problems at Kaylee to make her suffer more. C'mon, have some mercy.

Unfortunately, those very same twists and turns tossed at Kaylee are the very reason why Before I Wake surpasses all of the other Soul Screamers books. Everything Kaylee goes through makes her and the relationships she has with everyone else stronger, which I find incredibly powerful. It has come to the point that Kaylee is one of my fave YA heroines in history. Not because of her kick-buttness, because honestly, Kaylee isn't really a fighter, but more because of her relationships with everyone around her.

Honestly, I was a little disappointed with how things were played out with Sophie and Lucian. The novella, Never to Sleep, seemed to make such a huge deal out of Sophie's mysterious power and Lucian's identity. In the end, Before I Wake seemed to downplay everything that was hinted to make room for Kaylee's suffering. There is no development in explaining Sophie's power, nor any mention of the events of Never to Sleep. I guess we'll have to wait for With All My Soul.

I probably can't write a review of a Soul Screamers book without a mention of Tod. Tod, of course, was as amazing as always. However, this time around, we see all of Tod's actions coming back to haunt him. Even if the purpose of his actions were good, everything is going down a spiral. With All My Soul will have to do a lot of fixing to get this world back on track.

Before I Wake did not disappoint, except for the lack of development in Sophie's power and new understanding of the Netherworld. Otherwise, Before I Wake possessed everything that I know and love from Soul Screamers; plot twists, evil hellions, snarky Tod and an unbelievable end to the book. I know that I can't wait for With All My Soul.


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