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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson
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Jan 18, 13

really liked it
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Stockholm, Sweden. We are introduced to Mikael Blomkvist, a convicted journalist picking up the pieces of his shattered ego before he goes to prison while trying to keep his relationships afloat. Mikael was a prominent and famous journalist, part owner of Millenium magazine with his lover/best friend Erika Berger, before he supposedly "wrongly" accused Hans Erik Wennerstrom, head hancho of Wennerstrom Corporation, of swindling money to start off his now expansive fortune. He now faces serious charges which include fines, definite time in prison and his reputation inevitibley being tarnished forever. Mikael is extremely depressed until he receives an interesting phone call from the once very powerful head of a Vanger corporations, Henrik Vanger, asking to set up a meeting. He is intriguied and agrees to meet, if not just to distract himself from his current situation. Mikael is produced with a family mystery, the disappearance of a young girl some 30 years ago, that he is to solve for a generous sum of money. But that's not all, Vanger promises he has information and proof that Wennerstrom is a crook.

Next we are introduced to Elisabeth Salander, who goes by Lisbeth for short, a troubled 25 year old with a lifetime of violence and discrimination who has an amazing gift, who has no idea what her life is about to turn into. Lisbeth has been in and out of mental institutions and trouble with the police for as long as she can remember. She is no way handicap, she is actually a computer genius and can on a whim hack anyone's computer at any time leaving no traces. She can dig up dirt about people they thought was long buried. This is her current profession at Milton Security, where she is hired on a free lance basis to conduct extensive investigations. Her work is extremely detailed and informative, no one being able to believe that this tattooed and pierced young woman who looks like a 12 year old can pull off such perfection. Her only downfall is her inability to act in social situations, her lack of emotion and to open up and be vulnerable to others. We see what this vulnerability does to her, has done to her and we get a glimpse as to why she chooses to live this closed off, inward lifestyle.

This complex crime mystery novel has tons of suspense with a little sexual allure mixed in. Main characters are intricate and extremely developed, you can't help but have a great feel for predicting how they are going to act and what they are going to do next. At the same time, when things start falling into place and getting crazy, you can't help but wonder how the author pulled such a fast one on you without you knowing. Starting off is a teensy bit boring, but the authors character development taking place at the start of the novel is enough to get you through the rough stuff. Definitely going to check out the next 2 books from this series.
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Andrew Yes this is a good book and although it can be read as a single book, it's better to read all three, as long as the memories are still fresh. I read all books of the series and I must say they deserve. With these books Larson has opened the way to a lot of others Nordic writers.

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