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Son of the Shadows by Juliet Marillier
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Sep 21, 2008

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"Son of the Shadows" is the second book in Juliet Marilee’s Sevenwaters Trilogy. It continues the story by leaping ahead a number of years, with Sorcha's daughter being the main character of the story.

I loved the first book "Daughter of the Forest", and was looking forward to being captured by this second book. Unfortunately I was not captured. The second book takes a different approach to story telling compared to the first book. The first book was based on one of the Grimm brothers' tales, but the second book caries on with the Sevenwaters family.

Sorcha is old and she and Red have three children consisting of a boy named Sean and a girl named Liandan who are twins, and share a mind link like Sorcha and Finbar did in the first book, and Sorcha and Red have an older daughter named Niamh, who is beautiful and who lives life for the moment.

The story circles around Liandan who has a great number of gifts, she is able to touch peoples' minds and comfort them, she is a healer like her mother, she is gifted and the fairy folk are watching her.

Liandan falls in love with a painted man who is known as an assassin and whose skill is renowned. The painted man is not unscarred, but has a long history from childhood of tragic events that created him and he is afraid of the dark. Liandan bares his child and she swears to love no other, but the painted man.

The story consists of a number of themes. One that I found overwhelming was the way the men had control of the female’s lives and how the men basically mucked everything up by being control freaks. Liandan is able to voice more independence than the other females in the book, but her life is still focused mostly on fixing problems that the men have caused. The book seems to be crying out that women need to be free to make their own choices and free from the prejudices and double standards that men have for themselves and for women.

I was looking for a fairy tale and I got a book that seems to be pointing out the problems of men controlling affairs, but the women fall in love with them anyways, so everything is okay as long as you have lust and love, but it is hard to tell the difference between the two, especially in this book which has many lustful scenes.

I felt the book was divided in which way it should tell the story. To totally degenerate all men as being controlling and wrong or to tell a story about magic and love, the book could not make up its mind and so it was unsatisfying.

“Son of the Shadows” is an in-depth book and written with skill, but with conflicts of message. It does not live up to its predecessor, and it focuses more on lustful scenes and men controlling the affairs then on a fantasy tale as the first did.
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