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Alien in the Family by Gini Koch
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Nov 30, 2011

really liked it
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Read from December 02 to 04, 2011

alrighty so this isnt really a review its more just like me blurting out whatever im thinking bout the book at this moment.

i enjoyed this book a lot more than the last. have to say i kinda wanted kitty to be with chuckie - just cause's he's adorable - but in the end she stuck with jeff and he's working on his jealousy issues so ok with her choosing him.
LOVED the new creatures/space aliens that came in this book - very amusing.
Also Reader wonderful! i totally wish i had a best friend like him :P.

i read the blurb thingy for the next book and it looks like kitty might become alien like herself... which should deff be interesting so i cant wait :)
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Reading Progress

1.0% "looking forward to this ebook. thanks joan. :D"
10.0% "lmao i love ACE, he's super cute."
20.0% "kitty constantly repeating herself is getting really irritating, i understand its prob meant to be funny but its just annoying so far."
21.0% "what the hell was showing your boobs off to everyone suppose to achieve?? see this is why im not surprised that jeff gets jealous - he has a damn good reason to, i just dont like the anger that comes with it."
25.0% "i cant believe not one of them has thought about the weird stalking camera guy."
32.0% "so kitty's not alright with ppl flirting or thinking naughty thoughts about jeff but its alright for them to think that bout her and jeff just has to deal?? that sounds somewhat unfair. lol."
35.0% "wow i was really worried about reader - i love reader - im glad he's going to be ok. tito is pretty cool."
36.0% "im not liking how kitty is threatening space bitch, i know kitty's faking and isnt actually going to do those things but space bitch doesnt know that. if someone else did that to kitty everyone would be pissed."
45.0% "what is with kitty saying dude all of a sudden?? she sounds like an idiot. lol. i understand saying it a few times but everyone she meets or talks to she's calling them dude or dudes. she sounds like she's attempting to be cool and failing, lol."
47.0% "Chapter 39."
50.0% "why isnt kitty freaked that jeff's dad picked out lingerie and sexy outfits for her all in the correct size?? is it just me or is that a bit weird?? lol and jeff's even in on it..."
60.0% "lol love kitty's family."
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